Just to entertain . . . .

. . . . and maybe educate Shedders (like me) into what a wonderful, amazing world we live on and that we need to care about and for.

Posters courtesy of BBC and Open University. Enjoy.

Earth Perfect Planet BBC


Earth from Space BBC


Earth to Planets BBC


Shedders and grandchildren. Why not browse some museum items and activities to do.

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First News is a weekly newspaper for young people (7-14) presenting current news in a format interesting to the age group. Largely positive and factual.

Many of the items are presented through the eyes of young reporters. In association with Sky, First News has made available video news reports of a number of topics. They have given permission for us to use the link below to publish the content online rather than through app. Thanks to Sky & FN.

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No photo description available.Hungry Little Minds is a national scheme for under 5’s 

There is a North Yorkshire Coast group (with orchestration by Coast and Vale Community Action)  (https://www.facebook.com/hungrylittlemindsNYcoast) who will will be contributing to a Hungry Little Minds Digital Day nationally. I’m pleased to say that their theme will be about science. Enquiring little minds!

It’ on Wednesday 3rd Feb from 10am  This is the Zoom link for that time https://zoom.us/j/96040005586


An insight into a primary school on the Wirral and the way it is helping families (BBC)



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