It’s for the birds (and Krampus)

Thoroughly worthwhile cross support between Shed and Youth Justice programme. 

There have been two Shed work sessions (in Littlebeck and in Whitby) involving reparation by a young man towards a victim. The agreement was he make two bird boxes, one for Danby Forest and the other as an item that would be salable possibly through a charity shop.

Shedder Graham with Ed Horwood (Youth Justice, Reparation & Volunteer Development Officer (East))

Both Whitby Sheds and Youth Justice hope to build on what was a very positive collaboration to benefit both the victim and the young offender. Sheds not only have the aim of helping the members but also the wider community and this was an interesting new angle on the latter.

This action obviously complements the Youth direction that Whitby Sheds is already embarking on in cooperation with Eskmouth Scouts and Eskdale and Sleights Schools – and the wider Whitby community.

Krampus (you google it!) features some weird creatures, some in costume but others not! They were active in Whitby Old Town on the first of December.

Here are some photos – please do not have nightmares!

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