It ain’t half hot Mum in Littlebeck

Today was the hottest day of the year in UK. There was a steady stream of walkers passing through aiming to make Robin Hoods Bay (and a dip?). There was quite a large group with Holiday Fellowship including a number of Aussies who knew all about Sheds. Graham was impressed with several from the UK (including women) who knew what Sheds were for. Seems to be becoming a part of UK culture now!


Jill watered the plants. So, so hot!

Four C2C from Vancouver. They are part of an outdoor activities group. Good banter.

Meet Tony from London. Every year he takes two weeks to do the C2C. He said it was his annual retreat. It restores his balance. Nice guy.

A study in cooperation. Shedders Geoff and Michael work to remove rusty bolts from a seat end.

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