Equipping Young People for the World of Work

Whitby Gazette featured an Opinion piece by Graham last Friday with an “atmospheric” photo taken at Staithes Shed.  You can read it below, thanks to the Gazette.

Isolation is much in the news and the accompanying low mood that comes with it. Graham was summoned from his bed at 7am on Monday by Radio Tees for live comment on the announcement of Social Prescribing by GPs to be rolled out nationwide by 2023 but being trialled (Graham was informed, in Whitby. 

We believe Sheds are beneficial to some people’s wellbeing (we know it, in fact) and through NYCC Living Well, the Anchorage, Carers’ Resource and various social service flavours we already do it by informal referring, though nor directly through GPs. Much to be discussed.

Meanwhile, a reminder that there are activities specifically for older people. Look in the Whitby Gazette as a starter. U3A has a menu of options. Fit~4~You is a twice monthly chair exercise group held at Briggswath Chapel on the first and third Saturday mornings. It’s exercise with laughter and to some degree it was a forerunner of the fun we have at the Sheds. Getting together and together making it work. Here’s a photo.


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