Into a New Year

There’s quite a bit going on in the Sheds.

Just before Christmas Staithes Shed had the welcome news from Woodsmith Foundation (formerly Sirius) that the Shed had been awarded £1000 for a new growing project for the local community. It will feature raised beds and a greenhouse on land adjacent to the Shed and if possible also provision for a safe gardening area for accompanied youngsters. A community space to encourage people to “grow together”. 

Shedder Malcolm has researched greenhouse designs and at present the intention is to adopt a design by Anna White (USA) adapted to use pallets around the lower perimeter and poly carbonate sheeting covering supported by wood cross frames.


The full design details are in the link below.

 Staithes Shed has finished work n the wood store and there are arrangements to better seal the roof lights against persistent drips (keeping Shedders out?).

On the beech

No deck chairs. The UKMSA informed Northern Sheds of planed and regularized  planks available from a source near York. At a much discounted price. Between Whitby District Sheds and Norton Shed it was decided to collect 0.5 cu.m. of it. BayThorpe Shed is taking half of it and the rest will be shared by the other 3 Sheds.

Whitby Town Shed 

Tony making a rack on wheels to hold the yellow folding tables

Betty working on planks for Tony

The “Sounds Creative” group welcomes Graham’s Aussie grandson.

Pies & Peas

On a cold day in Staithes the Shedders managed to have their pie and peas lunch …the most important aspect of the day was that all the Shedders hoped that all went well for Phil T at his appointment……
Cuppas we’re made as usual by Brian , pies supplied by Malcolm included, pork, chicken and steak, the Shedders shared a bucket full of mushy peas with apple pie, curd tarts, panatone and biscuits for pudding.
There was also a very important promotion to announce and the Shedders are delighted to say that Brian has been promoted to “chief wood burner starter “ in addition to his existing duties …that we have to say he carries out with great enthusiasm…in fact it’s fair to say that no one is treated as a SPARE in our Shed family ….so the rumours of Brian writing his book and filming his Netflix “tell all “ series are thankfully not true (or so Brian said ….whilst being followed by a film crew recording everything we said and did ) …..
So enjoy the pictures of our lunch and let’s look forward to our next one ….which I believe is mid February….food to be decided …open to suggestions…..
Lots to do and plan for …including …annex roof …wood burner ( with main club agreement)…greenhouse etc etc….
(ace reporter Jim)

Jim always pushes to the front for some reason.

Phil liked the pie & peas. He finds it hard to show it.

Another bundle of fun. Malcolm procured the pies from Radfords in Sleights

Brian, making teas for the troops

Jim making the planters for Mrs.J

Jim (left) follows the example of the others BUT Keith knows how to put on an act!



Wednesday fun at Doing Place when Sounds Creative has packed away

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