Insurance Cover for External Work Activities

The BayThorpe Shed recently did a couple of community favours by repairing a public bench and clearing overhanging brambles on a pathway. Are you insured?, came the question from an otherwise very happy local authority.

Our Sheds have done various small jobs external to the normal Shed which we checked out with our insurers for cover 3 years ago. However it is worthwhile asking our insurers again.

Here is the response:-

You are correct in your response that if small works of DIY,/repairs etc are done by the Sheds and they have the permissions necessary then cover is in place under the shed’s Public Liability if anyone is injured or property damaged by the negligence of a Shed. The Sheds may  need to provide proof of their public liability to the owners of the property or land they are working on or in.
By the same token the Sheds should ask the owners of the land or property for proof of their Public Liability. The property or land owner has a duty of care for anyone on their land or premises so if anyone was injured as a result of something being wrong with the property then the land/property owner’s policy would cover that  – so both parties need their own public liability and whoever is deemed to be at fault for the injury or damage has the claim on their policy.

So, as long as any activity is officially carried out in the name of a Shed then our policy covers that. If someone is doing repairs or renovations under their own name then that is, as you say, an act of kindness but it would have nothing to do with our cover

I hope this helps to clarity matters for everyone and put some minds at rest.

David Lofthouse Cert CII
Methodist Insurance




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