If you want to write, make your own pen!

Rotary Young Writer competition

12 turned pens by Graham’s family over the moor as part of the prizes in Rotary Young Writer competition.








New edition of In Touch magazine from Revival North Yorkshire

It is a very entertaining read. Take a look inside at page 3 to see Littlebeck resident and Zoom colleague Phillip Barlow featured. 

To enlarge the pages, use the symbol in the controls that looks like an X.

Here is a more cheery Zoom shot of Saturday’s Talking Sheds.

We have a cunning plan for next Thursday at 10.30am.  Brian has so much soup that he is awash. We decided that we ought to do some craft activity of our own choosing. Joan suggested Graham should make up the model of the Sydney Opera House he bought 6 years ago. It is a 3D assembly of many pressed out parts. Will he achieve it? Yes he (possibly) can.

Rob put the idea of exercise on the suggestion table. Marie knew of some videos she will look out and Phillip said he carries logs as a way to exercise. So, leotards on soon.   Marie was quick off the mark!  Here is the link to 10 minute workouts on NHS site:-https://www.nhs.uk/better-health/get-active/home-workout-videos/

A response from Rob who (quietly) kicked a lot of this off!

So good to see all the (new improved) smiling faces. It looks like we are all having such a fun time which of course is true.

I think a wonderful thing has happened here. keeping the group together and uplifted.

We are sure that Rob was not this difficult but maybe he has been brought down to earth now!

It is even improving my marriage as Cilla and I are cooking a roast chicken dinner together this evening. We have never done this dual cooking before and are both enjoying it.

A few ideas/notes for the Z Shed.


Work in progress, Marie’s clip looks good.


Keep going with this. I am thinking about making a chocolate sponge plus it’s pancake day in two weeks.


Apparently men now do this too. Start with something small like a scarf for a teddy bear!

Life Stories

Write or tell of our past achievements (or other) and learn more about one another.

Pebble Painting

Always good to get folks going who say they ‘cant paint’.

Repair Shop

Make or mend something live or Zoom. I could drag yet another record player out of the loft?

And in from Malcolm at Staithes Shed, something scary . . . .

It helps to laugh . . . .  


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