I don’t believe it!

What is it that makes Shedders a little bit strange?

Take a look at these photos from Staithes yesterday.


Top left. We put an extractor through the wall of the shed last week but we needed to mortar a cut wall block into place. We needed soft sand and cement. Graham kept forgetting to obtain and he was under pressure to deliver yesterday. He was empty handed as he entered Hinderwell and saw a Jefferson Builders van parked up.

Colin Jefferson is a Shedder with us (though its his son’s business) and Graham decided to blag some ingredients if possible. Three men inside sitting on the floor eating snacks. Two minutes later Graham emerged with sand and cement. They were keen to be rid of Graham, clearly.

Great. We found a mixing tray but no trowel. IMPROVISE! Malcolm used a set square with metal blade to mix and then apply the mortar.

Top right. Brian is a gadget fanatic though he usually forgets he’s got them. However, he produced a wonderful multi-tool and opened up the range of tools at his disposal.

Bottom left. This is a “universal” spanner that works on the principle of pins that a nut will press down leaving the perimeter pins sticking up still and locked onto the nut. We think Brian is the nut.

Bottom right. We have an array of gifted old tools in various conditions of rustiness. Shedder Martin amused himself discovering objects he could identify with.

So, what is a normal Shedder? Why wouldn’t you fit in!

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