Hotch Potch of Shed “Stuff”

There is a Scottish recipe for hotch potch, btw, but here we mean a confused mixture of odds and ends (the recipe seems to be that too!)

First, here is a link from Shedder Malcolm of Staithes Shed (would be!).

Malcolm is a regular contributor of thinks useful and useless from the web. All appreciated.


4 Shedders knowingly got involved in Burn’s Night celebrations – well haggis. Here are some photos. We are cooking on Thursday mornings on Zoom and if you would like to join in or just observe, we will happily send an invitation link.


These are from Marie (who shared with Linda) and Gat, Bob’s wiferaham (credit to Joan) who shared with Pat, Shedder Bob’s wife. 

Rob Shilson and Brian Bayliss also took part. Rob had “traditional brussel sprouts” on his plate but Graham has mislaid the photo. To be added!

You can see Rob’s dirk with a decorative ribbon.


Young Writer

We have supported Rotary in launching the Rotary Young Writer competition. Please pass this around. 

Zoom Conversing

“What can those of us that don’t like cooking?” was the gist of a comment by Big Col in Larpool Care Home. A good one. The chat led to the thought that some virtual visits to places might be a candidate, We’ve all seen a lot of our four walls. 

On Thursday we did some more cooking on Zoom (Chinese Soup) as you can see below. But we also explored some candidates for virtual visitation. Expect another activity soon. 

Graham has successfully experimented over the past week with the use of multiple web cameras connected by Open Broadcasting System (OBS) to act as a virtual, switchable web camera to Zoom. Different viewpoints can be chosen depending on the action going on. Shedder Lance is interested in this kind of capability for woodturning demonstrations and Rob, Brian and Graham are keen to be TV chefs.

This kind of technology lends itself to other applications of course, including Blue Peter demonstrations and activities for children and young people.  

Brian had his Amazon Fire in use propped up in the kitchen.

Carrots about to go in the pot plus some sherry.

Graham’s pot before going on stove

Marie’s portioned for freezer

Marie cooked on Sunday

BrianB’s Chinese. He preferred the Cock-a-Leekie!

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