Horace & Doris & Repair Cafe

The Whitby Gazette often has some very apt cartoons by “Morris”. Doris and husband Horace are often at odds. Such is life! Maybe help is at hand for Horace in Whitby in a few week’s time. He could take himself and her toaster to the Repair Cafe. More on this in the next week or two.

We’ve been hard at it at Sheds to the extent that photos are in short supply. But at Staithes on Monday we had two woodcarvers at work when Tony Cooper came to sign a piece of paper. He had not visited the Staithes Shed before. He is our carving guru and was impressed to see Maggie in particular so proud of her accomplishments of the last two sessions.

At Littlebeck some of the Shedders posed around a piece of board the size that the labyrinth will be. We have photo shopped onto the board the Heart of Littlebeck labyrinth.

SAMS has a board meeting!

Whitby men are to engage in bird boxing for Pannet Park and Shedders have been asked to help Airy Hill School with installing raised beds and growing areas on their top field.

A really good day at She Shed (with added men too:-)) Take a look.

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