Harrogate Woodworking Show and another Week of Whitby District Sheds Start!

Just introducing the Woodworking Show and other Sheds attending there

Show Guide with benefits of Sheds leaflet

A wooden bike. Not BayThorpe’s Penny Farthing!





These are wood turned hats!

Carving it o

There was a two hour slot for Shedders from different Sheds to meet up informally to chat. Rachel Meadows of UKMSA was the host. Lots of banter as new contacts made.




Scouts & Sheds

Accompanying Graham was son Kevin (Norton Shed Trustee and Scout leader), John (Scouting Supremo) and John’s son (a member of a Scouting Dynasty). Whitby Town and BayThorpe Sheds appreciate the support of Scout Landlords. Norton Shed has been working (with others) on a woodland shelter. Scouts and Sheds have a lot in common when it comes to people’s uplift.

Last Thursday t3 Norton Shedders installed beams and noggins ready for decking boards to be added next week.

Scouts bracketed by UKMSA receiving badges. There is so much in common between the ambitions of the two voluntary organisations.


Norton Wooden War Horse on display for Remembrance.

Wednesday Views Whitby

A damp, body chilling day in Whitby but a bit of warmth in the Shed and Doing Place.

The Krampus “whatever” takes shape. It will be up the poles!

Our rottweiler makes sure Shedders pay!





Marie hiding her pride in her finished C&G piece. Onto the next!

Big Col visited again at Whitby Court Care Home. Relaxed.

We are working on a trial of  draft excluding partitions to surround a winter “warmer” space in the large hall. Erected and removed on the days when the weather is cold. It draws on some Shedders past work-life experience and we hope it will make the place more comfortable. Not sure the dragon will fit in it!

Clamps and feet hold the units in place (thanks to Tony’s work experience in exhibition work) and we realised the tables needed inside could also play a supporting role.  

The “Buddy Light” project has been approved!


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