Greening Up at Staithes, BayThorpe Shed News, Whitby DIY and Norton has Uplift

Only time now to deal with the first – Staithes

Look at this and let the photos do the talking for now.















This is what the team were aiming for though proportions are larger in Staithes version. Also local resources were used – pallets for walls!  Thanks to Woodsmith Foundation for funding this community investment. Next step will top it off!


They have not missed!

BayThorpe Shed is in process of purchasing the Scout hut they use 

Provided by

There is no pretty picture for this but the news itself is pretty good! In this Community First Yorkshire is providing their expertise on the process and actions necessary.

They have provided a very readable guide to what is involved in such a purchase and  some specific pointers in BayThorpe’s case.

Whitby Shed is pushing on with with decorating the toilets and reorganising the workshop

Last week was Folk Week and there were rehearsals and workshops going on in the main hall. The sound of accordions and knees with bells on.  Tony and Ray could do better than that and Aiden joined in with frilling holes in masonry walls to install the dust extraction tubes. They are powerful stuff, btw.

This Wednesday should see the toilet floor in the Gents painted first coat and maybe even a drop on the workshop floor. Betty has purchased new toilet brushes so we shall be ready for a Royal visit. 

Norton Shed has uplifting news

Lift having a lift from the trailer

Norton Shed researched wheelchair lifts to cover the two foot journey between ground and Portakabin floor.  They identified one available locally at a good price which had recently been removed from a disability vehicle. It has an ingenious design that allows a “clearway” to walk through which wings its way down to become a platform on the ground to receive a wheelchair and person. 

On Friday Norton had a grant confirmed for various aspects of work including  provision for a lift. On Monday it was purchased and brought by cart to site and installed on Monday. Graham was the sacrificial guinea pig.  The emergency manual pump was used to level up Graham gracefully. 

The tarpaulin was in place overnight in case of rain and now there are doors to cover it in and secure the Portakabin.

Installed in door opening from inside corridor. Bolted down to strengthened floor. See the “clearway”!

The corridor width was to the mm what was needed.  Phew. 

A caravan leisure battery is now awaited which is the source of power for the hydraulic pump. A handset controls the operation of the lift. 

The Shed is due to have a new roof covering in a few weeks time after Shedders have sorted out facia boards all round 40m all round.  We have been given second hand but sound decking boards which will be used.

Meanwhile, the Man Cave for Anthony to sit on the decking done by the Shed in his garden is well underway and patio doors with blinds have been offered to fill in the front of the cave!

Lots of community involvement in what is being done.

The Shed is currently preparing an application to NHS under a scheme called Waiting Well. It will essentially replicate the Whitby Doing Place project. Such projects, like Sheds, are templates for copying in other places.  The need for initiatives that promote personal independence and “can do” running of projects is so needed. Moreover these places become safe places for people to receive help they might need with coping in an increasingly complex world.

Festival of Thrift is on again September 23/24 

Festival of Thrift - Vision 2025Being reborn in Billingham, the next “village” to Norton! 

A “charity” pitch has been reserved in a main marquee. It will represent Men’s Sheds in the NE and present what Sheds are and do but also the connections of support with other organisations with whom Sheds work.  

Our display will be around a table provided in a precise location we will learn in a fortnight’s time. This is a collaborative venture with other Sheds and already BayThorpe is doing something for kids to try – a puzzle of sorts – and for them to take away if they make a brave attempt to solve. 

The table should feature some items of interest that Shedders have made  as talking points and there will be postcards, UKMSDA literature and also information on men’s health (via Rob and social prescribers).

Over the weekend we would be pleased to have ant Shedders and spouses along who wish to help in conversations and to mingle with others in the event generally. Kirkleatham was always a fun event to be at and although the precinct in Billingham is much smaller it has the advantage of being easier on the feet!

More detail coming shortly we trust!

The Doing Place Library of Things

Library of Things - The Smithtown LibraryThe input of (some) Things to the Library was a feature of last week’s work by Betty, Marie and Graham (the Folk Week that interrupted normal service).  Some quickie photos were taken of assets which will improved. Needed better lighting!

See the link below which will take you to the prototype Library of Things which shows the main features. It is being made viewable on mobile phones too.

The Library of Things

Early testers thought it “very intuitive”. Get your mind round it to see some of the items we have to try.

Today Whitby turned into a race track!

Painting toilet floors is great fun. Then a biker turned up from Whitby DAG (Disability Action Group). 

The hairy biker was Ian Peck of DAG who delivered the tricycle mobility bike for Krampus to work on decorating (gues that’s the right word) for the December run that is fundraising for DAG this year.

Couldn’t resist a little movie of that.

Going Well

Brian growing good in the greenhouse

This is how we tested the trusses in the woodstore.















Helping shape a new strategy for UK Men’s Sheds Association – we can put forward our view!

Dear Shed Leaders and Shedders,

The UK Men’s Sheds Association launched its’ last strategy four years ago and during this time we have been able to increase our support to Sheds, increase awareness of Sheds and support networks to develop more Sheds.

The last four years has seen incredible growth across the Men’s Sheds network and now it is time to review where we are going and look at how we can improve our support to Sheds, increase engagement and see Sheds developed in every community that needs one.

To help us with this piece of work I am writing to you for your thoughts and those of your fellow Shedders.

We would like to know what you would like to see us achieve over the next four to eight years.

Please give some thought to the following three questions to help us in shaping what we do.  Please email your responses to and feel free to give me a call should you want more information on the process we are going through or would like to discuss anything.

• What three things can we do better to support your Shed?

• What three things could we do better to support the Shed movement in the UK?

• What should we keep on doing? (If you do not know what we are doing, please say             as communication will clearly be one of those points!)

To help us with the process can you also let us know the name of your Shed, how many people are in your Shed and who has completed the questions.  Whilst we would welcome your thoughts as early as possible we will look to review all of the answers by mid September.

Many thanks for all of your help and this information will directly help us with our thinking.

Kindest regards,

Charlie Bethel,  Chief Officer

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