Great to be heading back into Sheds

September marks the beginning of the return to school and return to Sheds.

We’ve been doing work outside and some maintenance inside (with slight variation between the four venues) but today we were back in a growing number at Staithes. We got on with roofing the “wood rack alley” at the back to keep wood dry and we were well supplied with cups of tea by Maggie. Tom was there but Graham kept him at the right distance with a metal bar. No close fraternising here.

Shedders Bob and Graham are putting up a replacement SAMS Shed lounge. The gazebo was too weak. Now it’s a caravan awning! Managed to get the cord track up on the front wall of the garage and the awning threaded as darkness descended. 

Morning came and early progress was made by Graham and Mrs G. The Shedders, particularly Keith did a grand job of securing and sealing gaps in the wind defences!

Out with the old

Up with the new










           Advertising the Shed/ Right opposite the bus stop in Sleights and on a corner as cars come up Iburndale Lane. 

Shedder Malcolm has a toolbox in one hand and a walking stick handle in the other with what he says is an invisible stick. King’s new clothes?

Early morning tidy up. Looking very much like a campsite!



At Whitby Shed it was weeds at the back of Eskmouth Scout Hall. 

Elaine just taking her wig off

Betty looking very productive.

Before shot. All like this and worse.

Shedder Rob grovelling.

It’s antique. The mirror, not Ted.

Tony making a bracket for bug hotel

Getting set up for bugging


Back at the Garage Shed Bob made our “marble” table smaller and used the remainder to make a lounger!

Amazed how it all fits in a double garage plus awning.

 Now for a story of helping out, courtesy of “Farmers’ Breakfast” at Lythe.

How the Staithes Men’s Shed came to the rescue during Covid 19

I work with many elderly clients in my role as Activities Coordinator for My Neighbourhood.
The Covid shut down in March coincided with the period when many elderly clients would have been starting to venture out into their gardens and would have been visiting garden centres.  All this was instantly stopped.
Many clients became trapped in their own homes.  One client who had always maintained a healthy vegetable plot was looking forward to gardening but was thwarted in 2 ways, not only was he in lock down, his back condition had deteriorated and he could no longer bend down to dig and tend to his vegetable seedlings.
This is where the Men’s Shed came in.  I knew that the shed was open on a rota to individual members, who would come in and do their own projects.  I asked a Shed member who also volunteers for us if he could possibly make a raised vegetable bed on legs for my client.
No problem, job done, and delivered into the back garden.  I arranged for the local garden centre to drop off some compost and result was a happy vegetable grower.  The vegetable table and the fact that it got the client outdoors have together been important tools for keeping this gentleman sane during the worst of the lock down period.
Thank you, Sheds
Isabelle Harrison
Activities Coordinator
Ryedale Carers Support

Isabelle is one of the regular faces on the regular Zoom discussion of Whitby Community Alliance. Good to help each other and better to help clients!!

We have a visit soon from Living Well revitalised with another worker and the GP Link Workers too, of course showing some pathways to people in our direction.

There is a new NYCC Report published on Loneliness. A very worthwhile read to see both the issues and  ways to help people.

We are so blessed by having the Sheds and by that I also mean the Shedders! Coming back to a little bit of the normal we knew has revealed how much the Sheds and the camaraderie/banter means to us. Family without any hugs, and wanting others to benefit too.


From: tlc <>
Date: Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 12:20 PM
Subject: The Loneliness Campaign North Yorkshire Strategy Launch

We are writing to let you know that the North Yorkshire strategy for tackling loneliness, Be Social, Be Well, has been launched today.

Endorsed by the North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board, the strategy draws from the lived experiences of people living in the county, as well as an extensive review of existing literature and research about loneliness and isolation. While there are many parallels with the national strategy for loneliness, A Connected Society, this strategy focuses on the diverse nature of communities in North Yorkshire – England’s largest county – recognising the range of needs of people in each district.

Be Social, Be Well explores loneliness across all age groups, highlighting the different types of loneliness and groups most at risk. It shines a spotlight on work done by local voluntary, community and public sector organisations to help tackle loneliness in North Yorkshire, and outlines services and interventions that may help prevent people from becoming lonely.

Most notably the strategy presents five strategic ambitions:-

  • Eliminate stigma;
  • Make connection easier;
  • Kindness in communities;
  • Foster meaningful communities;

Build enlightened services) and includes a framework for action to help those who are working in local services or are part of community groups in North Yorkshire to turn these ambitions into a reality.

This is a crucial document for any whose role impacts on individuals, localities or infrastructure whether working on the ground, in procurement or decision-making positions. It applies at community, district and county levels and will be particularly useful for district councils who want to produce strategies for their areas, as well as local policy makers and service providers.

Read the full strategy here or download the summary here

Kind regards,

Laura Thomas

Project Manager
Community First Yorkshire
Tel: 01904 704177
Mobile: 07394 563305

Finally on Thursday a goodly band at Staithes and some useful work done.


L-R Briana (2 no), Bob, Tom, Maggie, Martyn (ad behind the camera Graham)

Notice the burning tool and the lettering by Big Brian. A second bin is requested for the field. Finally, Little Brian, Phil and Graham roofed the woodstore. Martyn & Graham cut a residents grass, Bob is well into the banter now.


Phil using cable ties with precision to fix the corrugated roof

Translucent panels finished the job and the metal supports are from the old gazebo. Nothing wasted!!

Whitby Community’s Compassion Project is leaving the station platform!

The Gazette article appeared on Thursday and now a separate web-site is under construction. You can take a preliminary preview by following the link here.

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