Goodbye & Hello

Kate Gordon, the national development manager for UK Men’s Sheds Association, is on the move to new pastures. She leaves in early December.

We had a last gathering of Shed Ambassadors in North Yorkshire yesterday, on Zoom, when we looked at some future developments in our region. 

Don’t be fooled by the backdrop that Andy Ryland of Community First Yorkshire used. Alan is at the bottom from the Lion’s Den Shed , Carole Johnson from Hull and district features in the centre and Kate Gordon is top left (not to be confused with Graham on the right).

Graham has sent Kate an e-card from us that fits her involvement in the past and now in the future with the Canal & River Trust. Take a look:=

Goodbye, Kate.

Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table

We continue on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 3pm to host a Zoom chat between any Shedders or friends who wish to join. Send an email to and you will receive the Zoom link. You do not have to download Zoom – simply hit the blue link and follow the fairly straightforward instructions. If you want a practice go just contact Graham to have a go.

This is “In Touch’ the newsletter for Revival North Yorkshire. There is a food insert in this edition. This is well worth a read. We’ll try to get copies for the Sheds but also a .pdf for you to read on this web-site. Revival supports Philip through Cheryl. Sheds just add to the mix!

Read them here. Use the controls at the bottom of the video. There is an “X” which magnifies the pages. You can also download the booklet. Move from page to page using the < > arrows.

PhilipB at Littlebeck is progressing well . . .

. . . . with the Amazon Fire Tablet with “dongle” that he has received from Age UK Scarborough 3 days ago. Graham has been helping Philip get connected and Philip has achieved that. He is now searching the internet (I believe) and on Monday he will have an Amazon Dot and Alexa to speak to! Philip is a star pupil because he is so keen but willing to put in the patient spade work to understand what the technology entails. Plus he has some personal goals. 

The mobile hub he also received is sited upstairs in his house in order to receive a sufficiently strong signal. 

Talking about Sheds, here are photos of two sheds. One is the Sleights Area Men’s Shed which illustrates what you can get into a double garage with awning extension and the other is the shed of Philip. He’s a Landrover enthusiast.

Philip’s Landrover chassis.

Look how orderly Philip’s shed is.

SAMS Shed. The awning is a lounge.  Gutter affixed!

We’ve decked  the roof trusses for loft storage of wood 

When Shedders greet – its really great

Maggie who attends the Staithes Shed is a bit, shall we say,  forgetful but she was alert enough to greet a fellow Shedder, John, on the beach at Runswick Bay. Maggie was there with daughter Lisa and the two dogs. Down the steps came a man with a dog. Maggie suddenly greeted him with a “hello”. 

Daughter Lisa did not know who the man was and was surprised that Maggie greeted him. It was the power of the Shed. Jihn attends Staithes Shed on a Thursday. He told Lisa that Maggie was his favourite tea lady! 

Everybody has a role in a Shed. Multiple roles usually. The main one is to connect to the other Shedders and Maggie does that well. Lisa was so pleased that her mum was means of introducing her to John. It was an encouragement for Lisa to see her mum’s measure of independence and confidence. And we also benefit from hearing about this encounter during the latest lockdown.

Hello, Staithes Shedder Malcolm has not been to the Shed for nearly 9 months. Covid related, not anti-social!

Here is what he has been up to over the last few weeks.

Morning guys,
Feeling a bit pleased with myself approaching the final stages of this project. I’ve decided to call it a ‘Lockdown Cabinet/Workbench’.
The photo’s are self explanatory, the first showing it fitting in beside the tumble dryer/freezer opening it up showing the storage and workbench construction. Thankfully you can’t see the dust.

How good is that! It reminds of the big green box made for Littlebeck nearly 5 years ago. We were not quite as precise as Malcolm. I wonder how much wood glue Malcolm used? It was always belt and braces – glue and screws – with him.

Good to encourage our young people


Congratulations to all the winners of Whitby’s heat of the National Rotary Young Photographer Competition 2020/21.

The Rotary Club of Whitby and District challenged entrants aged 11-17 years to show off their photography talent by interpreting this year’s theme of ‘Wild Nature’ and create a three-piece portfolio.

The judges were impressed by the quality and variety of the photographs submitted and had a difficult job on their hands choosing the winners.

Maisy Squire won the 1st prize in the 11-13 years age group for her photographs of fungi taken near the Cinder Track in October.

Ewan Locker took 2nd place, and Amber Clews and Matilda Burns were joint 3rd.

What the judges said about Maisy’s winning photographs: –

‘The tree stump picture is outstanding. It is beautifully sharp, positioned well in the frame and with the background just blurred enough to make the subject pop. The fungus itself is fabulous too.

The same technical skill is present in the other two pictures, with the bright red mushroom underlined by the green leaves and again very sharp and well exposed’.

Ethan Stephenson was the overall winner in the 14-17 years category for his set of three photographs. The runners up were Mia Clews and Kaylea Watson.


The judges said that Ethan’s photograph titled ‘Amongst the River’

 ‘works well, the cropping of the photo mimics the shape of the cottage, which in turn is well framed by the overhanging branches and leaves. The timing is excellent to include the people in the rowing boat just to finish the image. The editing gives the image a timeless feel with the use of saturated colours’. 

The Rotary Club of Whitby and District would like to thank all the young people that participated in this event.

The winning entries submitted by Ethan and Maisy have now gone forward to the National Rotary Young Photographer Competition 2020/21.

The Rotary Club of Whitby & District is keen to support the dreams and aspirations of local young people and create opportunities for them to unlock their potential.











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