Shedder Rob is gobsmacked . . .

Not Rob Shilson. Rob looks different when gobsmacked.

“I don’t believe it” – “Fancy That” – “Well I Never

These Idioms and phrases are often heard when connections between each other are revealed. I have experienced quite a few recently.

  • Graham and I were filling in some Whitby Shed banking forms last week when Graham learned that my middle was . . . . Graham!
  • I have known Ray at Whitby Shed for two years and just found out that we both attended Wandsworth Technical College! Different years but the very same building.
  • I used to work for a German Heating and Ventilation company who frequently exhibited at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Shedder Tony apparently was once employed as a stand fitter at the same location!
  • Graham recently recommended that I read the Jay Blades biography ‘Making It’. Jay refers to Hackney where he once lived when he was young and Graham remarked that he lived nearby in Islington. Would you believe it…I lived in Highbury, just up the road and went to school at the Angel, Islington!

The more we speak and find out about each other the more these similarities and connections are discovered.

As Bob Hoskins used to say “It’s good to talk”.

[Rob borrowed Jay Blades book from Whitby Library – an electronic copy. Jay Blades is on BBC in a documentary talking about learning to read at 51.]

Connections to Norton Men’s Shed (where Graham now lives).

The experience of all 4 Whitby District Sheds is helping the development of a new Shed in Norton-on-Tees. It is due to meet to work for the first time this Friday. Rob has stepped up to the plate to be a trustee of the Norton Men’s Shed along with yours truly, Graham’s son Kevin and one of the new Norton Shedders, Dave. 

The trustees are there for the first 12 months by which time we hope other Norton Shedders will step forward to make the Shed sustainable in governance.  All the Shedders must make it work.

Take a look at the Norton web site www.normens.org.uk

You’ll see we’ve borrowed Whitby District Shed photos to give it shape but these will gradually be replaced.

BBC “Inside the Factory” (watch on iPlayer)

Watching a programme from Ercol furniture factory. Making Windsor chairs. All by CNC. Take a look sometime.

Staithes Shed on a not Blue Monday

A goblet in the making for gobsmacking?

Malcolm and Liz at the sliding cross cut saw














This is James’ bench with clever clamping mechanism

James & KeithP on a sunny January in the North!!


















This is the beginnings of a labrador dog’s head to gone on one of Keith’s walking sticks for himself.

From Whitby Town Shed 19th January

Lisa gently rubbed down the top of a table Jo brought with her.

Lisa using a sewing machine for the first time in many years. Making doggy cushions

Brynn is such a cool dude

The Christmas Shed arrived back from St. Mary’s today































Rob has worked on Hedgehog Boxes for Sleights School.  He has some kits made ready and the prototype.  He actually worked using plans supplemented by helpful (?!) advice from some of the other Shedders.

Hedgehog Box Kitted Up

A kit (hedgehog not included)


Shedder Eddie Carolan 

Following his passing on New Years Eve, there was a committal at Woodlands Crematorium in Scarborough.

It was attended by several of the Shedders that knew Eddie from the beginning of Sleights Area Men’s Shed (SAMS). Eddie leaves a hole in many people’s lives but mainly Veronica.  We remember her now and in the days and weeks ahead. 

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