Getting Under the Skin of Labrador Shed

One of Graham’s joys today was to talk with many of the Labrador Shedders in 1:1 conversations. They are a very mixed band of guys who are very supportive of each other despite sometimes the appearances! Some brilliant banter and keen interest in Whitby Area Sheds. 

Des is a man who is registered blind and does things by memory and feel assisted by various mates on the 5 days a week he comes. You will see him in various shots below doing what he can as independently as he can. He is currently making a rocker in the shape of a boat. There is old timer Jack too who attends from a care home one day a week (he’s the bearded man in black with the black cap). He was with a second man from the same care home who comes several times a week.

Chairs for playschool kids were made from ply and painted in different colours. They were collected by a support worker by car, staying respectfully outside the Men’s Shed! It is a place of work although some come for only a while for the coffee break and the fellowship. 

They believe strongly in helping each other but also the community in projects like the chairs and chopping boards too! It is a tonic to just watch the guys each doing what they can (down to sweeping the floors or cleaning the kitchen). 

Is it better than SAMS, say? The facilities certainly are and the range of what can be done BUT there is the same ethos of mutual caring overlain with frank banter. They make light of personal limitations and complement each other. Bunnings Sausage Sizzles on a fortnightly basis raises significant sums for the coffers whilst providing another form of service to the community.

Acknowledgements for their help line the office wall.


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