Getting Ready

We are getting ready for the reopening of our Sheds but we are not yet ready except for socially distanced work in the open air with no more than 6 persons and some inside maintenance with two people present for safety reasons. 

Elaine located a source for hand sanitiser (Trillo’s) and the Sheds now have supplies to use. Former Shedder Paula (though once a Shedder always a Shedder) has in mind to make us a supply of fabric face masks ready for opening. She is packing to move right now (sewing machine that made many scrubs packed away at present) but we stay in touch!

The prime restriction is social distancing and minimising people moving around.  Toilets will need regular cleaning too! So surface cleaner etc.

At Staithes Graham has been in and got connectivity of large screen, laptop, camera, Amazon Firestick and the newly installed wireless broadband beamed from the Boulby direction.

Brian and Graham attended today to begin to rearrange the layout on the “clean” side for eventual reopening and to mount the TV monitor on the wall and attempt a small Zoom conference between Graham, Brian in the machine shop with door closed and Graham’s son across the moor. Success!

The Amazon Firestick has Alexa voice control as an option, which we have yet to discover for ourselves. 

We now know what we need for our other 3 Sheds. 

A storage rack for wood was installed, for wood suitable for woodcraft (e.g. toys, fretwork).


Yes, we can now sing along with the Three Tenors on Amazon Music and see YouTube videos on “How to” for woodworking.


On the rack.

In the reclamation game

Graham has been walking Lucky, a young German Shepherd/ Alsation. Yesterday the pair walked down Sleights Coach Road and passed the Netherby Hotel. Dogs do love to sniff and Lucky paused at the end of a wall just where someone was cutting bushes.

As Graham and Lucky moved on the person said “The two posts can go”, speaking to another person there. Graham thought, “Does he mean those two nice metal posts that used to have a sign board attached?

So, about turn and Graham and Lucky walked back a few yards to check out what Graham had heard. Yes, it was as he had heard and mentioning the potential use by SAMS Shed the manageress duly gave approval for Graham to retrieve the posts. 

Below is a photo of Bob holding one of the posts. Plus Lucky playing tou of war with Graham.

Lucky leading the way

In the Whitby Gazette today a letter from Sheds and Street Angels reminding Whitby District Residents that the two organisations are looking forward to reopening . . .



At BayThorpe there was a photoshoot for Yorkshire Post. Carefully done and involving a Dalek!

Dalek arrives with Danny to join in.

Great to see Joe again, masked up.

The big front wheel of the Penny Farthing is wheeled out for display

Finally, Graham has his router on the table using the router plate delivered

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