Getting Back Up on the E-feet

Well, it it a while since new materials were posted here. The reason has been that the “laptop” suffered a malfunction (i.e. it broke!) whilst the administrator was away (using it). It is now in being repaired.

For the present we are restricted to text and pictures already stored. So here goes with an update on what has been going on in the background.

  • The Kidz Making Good preparations continued and a pilot suite of workshops for children & young people gets underway next week.
  • Our “Shedder Sister Hannah” appeared on Songs of Praise – wood turning with Lance not in full voice. A good feature on Whitby, St Hilda and the Sisters as they move into their new Priory and new opportunities.
  • Shedder Dave was mentioned in Gazette dispatches as part of the Medieval Banquet. Shields and swords but also a set of stocks. There ought to be Shed uses for those.
  • Development of a prospective new Shed, BayThorpe, on the borders of The Bay and Fylingthorpe is underway. Starting Sheds requires actions on several fronts – premises, a core group, promotion of the idea and some funding to cover the start up first year. We have moved on 3 of these fronts. Promotion needs to be timely when the other 3 elements are in place.
  • We have just had confirmation that Sleights/Littlebeck, Whitby Men and Whitby Women Sheds are now registered under “Whitby Area Sheds” with the Charity Commission. Phew!
  • A mud kitchen is on the way for kids to use at the allotment project and the Labyrinth for Littlebeck is soon to become “concrete”.
  • The Quieter Shed is postponed a short while for health reasons, but it is far from forgotten.
  • There is to be an Open Week for Sheds in later March to promote all the Sheds. There is a poster ready to go into public places.

There must be things forgotten, but this is a very quick brain dump!

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