Gala Night to put in your diary plus more, of course

Colin Easterby is to blame . . . .

You must know Colin. He’s now in Whitby Court Care Home but for many years he sang with the Dalesmen Singers. They have a Gala night with proceeds of some activities being shared by a children’s play group and a similar play group called Whitby District Sheds!

It’s only 7 weeks away, so plan to obtain tickets now. Cheapest is via a Choir Member and that can surely be arranged.

Maybe each Shed does it centrally if someone collects the money. The intention is that Big Col will be there so the occasion is a significant one.

They would welcome any prizes for a prize draw so if you feel like turning a nice item, please do so!

Somewhat more serious from Rachel Meadows UK Men’s Sheds Association

Hi All,

I know some of you will have taken part in suicide awareness training in various formats from different providers but I am sharing this if you are interested in doing this one.

Zero Suicide Alliance is an organisation that we often have at our events and supporting us.  You all know the benefit Sheds can have for people, and this year our Health and Wellbeing Survey showed us that…

“39% of Shed Leaders believe they have at least one Shed member that may have been prevented from killing themselves by being part of the Shed”          UKMSA Health and Wellbeing Survey, 2023

I have shared this link before a couple of years ago but as we have had a good few Ambassadors join us since then, they may not be aware of it.

Zero Suicide Alliance have some great online sessions that anyone can do for free. There are two different options (one 5-10 mins long and one 20 mins long) enabling you to learn varying amounts of information about suicide awareness, and also how to support someone that is having suicidal thoughts.

Please complete if you’d like to, or feel free to share in your Sheds, or to anyone.

Rachel Meadows

Whitby Shed on Wednesday

What is the best toilet cleaner?  Why Betty of course!! 

Sparkling and ready for the Folk Week people to use next week.

Aiden and Rob got switched on too. 

The idea is that the dust extraction can be turned on by a switch at every workstation. Saves on the legs we suppose.

Krampus had a big Krew on board.

May be an image of 5 people and people dancing


Those of a nervous disposition watch out! Turn the volume down too!!


Snapper’s Glass Act

“Snapper” attended the Staithes Shed in the very early says on several occasions. Pre Brian Bayliss even!

He was noted for the hotel bird boxes he made but it now comes to passd that he was also into glass art. 

Mickey is a recent example.

Snapper may begin some glass art workshops using the Staithes Shed. It is being taken through formal channels but the Shed is happy to share premises.




Sent by Rachel Meadows of UKMSA as a contribution to the NHS Mental Health Transformation programme being worked on in North Yorkshire and on Teesside and beyond.

These quotes are rom an Age UK report on Men in Sheds in Cheshire.  

The self-reported qualitative findings illustrated that the men perceived the Sheds as having a positive impact on their physical health through giving them somewhere to go to and being active, rather than being sedentary at home watching the television. Many of them spoke about watching too much television prior to attending the Sheds recognising that that this was unhealthy behaviour.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

 “A fair majority of the guys live on their own and so it is a big benefit, particularly in the winter where they would just be sitting in their house watching tele, vegetating.” (CR1)

 “well keeping my mind active you know, you know I was sitting there watching the bloody telly which would drive me round the bend in the end and it keeps your mind active, keeps your body active keeps me active I’ve got artificial joints in my hip, in this leg, they failed, I’ve got two dodgy hips, another knee that’s waiting for replacement and a lower what do they call it your lumbar spine, I’ve got a problem with that so it keeps me mobile when I sat in the house all these problems I’ve got would probably cease up and make them a damn site worse.” (CH2)

 The Sheds provided a space for physical activity through working in and walking around the Shed. The Ellesmere Port Shed has a small gym. Although most of the men travelled to the Sheds by car, several of them used public transport or cycled and kept active through moving around the Sheds:  

 “Some of them come on a bike, they cycle, some of them walk to use, they got the actual physical activity when they are there as well so they are not sat in an armchair all day they are actually, if they had a what’s it that counted their steps they would probably be amazed at how much movement they do during the course of the day so.” (FG1)

Finally, BayThorpe Olly’s Dolls House

It was a wreck when Olly received it via Whitby Town Shed where it had laid dormant for a good while. 

Now see the remarkable renovation into a dream (doll’s) house. 

Apparently, Olly is now renovating the inside.

Finally, Norton Shed is in process of procuring a wheelchair lift.

The kind used in school and patient transport vehicles. It’s to improve access to the Portakabin for either wheelchair users or those challenged to go up the 3 steps. 


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