Further Shed Bites!

Of UK origin but reaching our shores via Len on the Gold Coast. 

A piece for reflecting on and about the return to normal or a new normal. Len comments to listen and watch all the way through. There are a few story threads in here. If we had not noticed each other, guys and girls, we would be much impoverished. I’m so missing Sheds and so is my wife!!

Pile them high and the birds go cheep!

Roger added two kestrel boxes to his birdbox tower (or is it a pigeon loft?). Littlebeck Roger and BayThorpe Steve have done stirling work in fulfilling the order from Scarborough Borough Council. 


Hanging around 

I went to the door and discovered something hanging around the door handle on the outside. In fact I soon realised that something else had been hanging around too. Well, someone else in the person of Charlotte Angus.

I discovered the wonderful crocheted rainbow complete with pom poms. A lovely message for Joan and I on the tag. I was very touched. Charlotte has often made me cry but never before for this reason:-)


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