Fruits of their Roots + BayThorpe

This poster was in Lilac Ward at Scarborough Hospital, hidden behind a vertical banner standing in front. 

The roots at the bottom (or maybe the soil from which the roots draw nourishment for the tree to bear fruit) are

  • Listening in order to improve 
  • Caring about what we do
  • Always do what we can to be helpful
  • Respecting and valuing each other


The one thing that Graham observed in his one-in-half-a-century experience of hospital treatment was the teamwork.

  • Within small teams supporting each other to do their part in the care process (solving Graham’s problem!)
  • Between teams in the hospital (surgeon care, anaesthetist care, theatre operation, ward nursing, reception desks, cleaning staff, porters . . .)
  • Handover teamwork between hospital care and at-home care through GP surgery and District Nurses. 

Individual patient understanding or lack of it (no previous relevant experience) means the interfaces between teams can easily pose small problems. That is when the qualities in individual staff come through. Everybody does what they can to explain, reassure, resolve and signpost. This is the oil that lubricates the system. People simply applying the principles of the Roots.

Good Sheds share some of these same characteristics with Lilac Ward.

It’s a picture of good Community too!

A visit to BayThorpe today to complete their end of project report, funded under the Stronger Communities programme. A hive of activity.

The rim for the wheel of the penny farthing

Elaine waxing lyrical



Air cleaner now set in ceiling

Forget Steve, it’s the battleship grey units to notice

Fixing spokes to hub of wheel for Tour de Yorkshire

Wheel spokes now spinning on hub


View the wheel in motion  





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