Final Shed Offering from Labrador

It has been both a fun trip and an educational one to Labrador and it’s Shed. Graham has been to the Shed four times now (and once to Springbrook). There is a serious side to Sheds that is about “due diligence” and, dare I say it, systems. 

There’s been no serious accidents at Labrador in its 8 years, but a few near misses. We’ve had none at our Sheds thankfully, but there is always potential. One of the things that Len has been congratulated on by their insurers is the personal protection process they follow from the start with a first visit induction.

There’s an example of their sheet elow. It is signed off by the individual and the Shed as a joint understanding. Shedders wear name badges with colour coded circles that indicate what equipment they are able to use. People are introduced to equipment on a needs basis  in a simple but effective process that nobody seems to object to. It helps keep people safe and places fair responsibility on all parties.

Name badges have the details of “next of kin” on the reverse – simple. Badges are kept in a rack and picked up as Shedders sign in, pay their dues and get their coffee!

Len (or Labrador Shed) has provided the background material for this system. It’s a good way to integrate processes. 

Maybe expect to see the model adapted for our Sheds. There is already information together on safe handling of tools and equipment in the SAMS manual and on our web-site, but this personalizes it for each individual.


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