Festival of Thrift, Kirkleatham

Unbeknown to each other, both Elaine and Graham visited the Festival of Thrift last Sunday. It covered a far greater area than the past two years, and finding particular stalls was an interesting navigational challenge!

Here are some tasters of the day.

Giant deck chairs – see children!


Two Tin Cans phone box with lino printing. 

A closer look with Suzy Devey, arts promoter


Redcar Men’s and Women’s Shed stall

A nice array of wooden “stuff”

Made by the Women’s Shed

A set of these was made by Redcar Shed for the local Alzeimers group. Screw items into the board in the marked locations.

Redcar Shed cropped up in conversation on Monday when the People’s Health Lottery representative visited the Staithes Shed. Redcar’s Women’s Shed was mentioned (they were recruiting last year at the Festival).

Interestingly (not surprisingly) Elaine asked the Redcar men about the Women’s Shed. What do the women do?, Elaine asked. They work in the same workshop on woodwork tasks. A photo above shows the clocks with cut out birds made and Elaine was shown a nicely lathe turned item too. It is a Men’s Shed used by women, like our She Shed.

This was a war time message. Our message is that a Shed works for some men and it works for some women too!

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