Electronic Display Noticeboards

These displays have been common for a long time in retail outlets and public places but they are now increasingly common in GP surgery waiting rooms. Places where people sit and look at walls of notices! Now they can see local health and well being information matters of all kinds.

Our postcards over the years for Sheds are mainly quite striking on the picture side and give information about the “why?” of Sheds on the reverse with minor differences. The message is the same. The postcards remain very useful tools (plus a biro to write the best phone number to contact in the particular circumstance).

We have had an introductory slide on the Sleights and Sandsend practice display for the Sleights Youth Shed for a few weeks now (it opens this Friday night in a slow building way, which is quite exciting since the Youth Shed is planned to have a similar caring/respect agenda to our adult Sheds with kids working Shoulder to Shoulder. Offers of help appreciated, btw.

So, here are three notices just submitted for “clearance” to Sleights Connect and the Surgery, One is the Youth Shed updated but then one for KMG and an amusing one to promote we believe our true nature and that of Sheds usually. We will await confirmation for adjustments but Shedders love chuckles!

Sleights Youth Shed
Kidz Making Good
Littlebeck Surgery

We await the consultation verdict and hope all three posters will have appropriate impacts. Adapted versions for other area Surgeries will be offered, welcoming the opportunity to be one angle amongst other equally/more important ones for other matters (have your flu jab!)

Just to point out that Sophie Hall’s presentation and the “unseeable” video from the Mental Health Awareness/Suicide signs training of two weeks ago is uploaded to the recent post  Mental Health Awareness Workshop


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