Down But Not Out

We are in full UK lockdown again. We cannot socialise unless outside in a public place and then with just one person at a 2m distance or 1m with face masks. We must keep thoroughly washing hands when we can or use hand sanitiser if that is not possible. We must stay home as much as possible and not travel. We must play our part is saving the NHS.

Children looking forward to school, disappointed by school closures. Missing their friends and not being able to play out together. Their and our horizons shrunk. 

Is this a Happy New Year? There is good news about the vaccinations. The result of dedicated pulling together of skills .  Zoom (there are others) has been good news during 2020 that some of our Shedders have taken up to keep in touch. That should continue to pay off in 2021; the ability to keep the Shed family in touch.

At the turn of the year, Rob Shildon looks forward whilst looking back.

A year has now passed since my first visit to the Whitby Area Sheds and my connection continues to be a most positive, satisfying and rewarding experience.
I am sometimes asked by non Shedders what is the attraction as it is often assumed that it’s just about ‘making things’. It is that of course and you can make just about anything with the tools, facilities and help that is on offer. There is also the camaraderie, banter, friendship and support.
These attributes are admirable in themselves but I think in addition three key strengths stand out, these are Endurance, Adaptability and Inspiration.
The enduring quality of the shed is that it is able to keep going and survive in these challenging times. It is always there to provide a positive focus and a human connection when required.
Currently adaptability has enabled virtual shedding via Zoom sessions. This concept is keeping us in touch and preventing isolation, it can be great fun too!
Thirdly the shed offers continual inspiration. It has inspired me since day one and continues to do so even while closed!  Right now I have two or three projects in mind ready to commence when the Shed reopens. Simply anticipating using the tools and facilities provides a boost in these somewhat gloomy times.
Shed therapy continues!

We can still engage in therapy at home if we have a little space.

Graham had a challenge to obtain a coffee table for a Shed contact. 

Thinks . . . .  “make one”.

In the Sleights Shed (aka Graham’s Garage) there was the centreleaf of an extending dining table. The kind that hinges.  Some improvisation, 4 stair spindles from the wood store, mahogany stain and some hard wax finish for the top resulted in something passable as a coffee table (in lockdown time!).

Bob has a challenge.

To make a “twiggy” light. His first task is to collect twigs and let them dry out.

The base needs to be turned on the lathe and there is a nice piece of sycamore that can be used for the purpose.

Popular Portable Puzzles

At the Zoom Talking Sheds session on Wednesday afternoon Rob showed a puzzle he had had since a child. It involved steering a small ball bearing round a maze. Graham had a similar puzzleone when he was a youngster. “Is there something written on the back?, asked Graham. Rob read out the words which are in one of the photographs below.

This is what kids used to play before (well before) the advent of electronic games.  If nothing else we learnt a few very useful words like Perspicacity and Propensity. 

Rob also included a photo of his Teddy Bear holding a package just delivered. Rob promises that all will be revealed possibly this saturday afternoon at 3pm in Talking Sheds.

The contents of Teddy’s package revealed.

Although I walk quite a lot I had a feeling that my arms and upper body needed a little more exercise. The mini weight set is really helping!

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