Dear Aunt Lance,

I am an old guy involved in Sheds and needing to buy a dust extractor for each of two locations. I have received conflicting advice from others but chiefly myself. Please can you help?

Dear Graham, here is an extract from my new Ladybird Book on Shed equipment written for your level. It’s all simple really. I can’t understand why you are making heavy weather of the choice. Here is a very simple (first grade) decision tree and selection

Hi Graham,

Firstly, I’m presuming that the vacuum is to be used to catch dust issued from the lathe when sanding is in progress.

If so, the criteria is simple:

  1. A portable machine
    1. In Littlebeck, space is at a premium so a small mobile efficient unit would be preferable
  2. It is designed to filter dust well
    1. These vacuums come in 2 flavours “L” class and “M” class, where M class captures 99.9% of dust and L class is >99%
    2. The price difference is significant. Take for e.g. the Mirka 1230 – the L version costs £367 and the M is £530 (over budget)
  3. High Flow
    1. The Mirka 1230L shifts 4,500 l/min
    2. The Axminster  2,500 l/min
  4. Most importantly as quietly as possible
    1. Mirka 60dB
    2. Axminster 66db
    3. For your info 3dB is doubling the acoustic power
    4. 10dB is double the Loudness
  5. Within reasonable cost
    1. Mirka £367
    2. Axminster £396
      1. With 5% UKMSA discount that’s £376

The Mirka wins hands down


Your Agony Aunt Lance

Dear Aunt, Thank you for this. I have acted upon your advice and two large boxes will appear on your doorstep.

Littlebeck & Whitby destinations

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