Crafty Crafters to watch

For She Shedders to watch . . . . but there are men in these two programmes

BBC iPlayer – MAKE! Craft Britain 

From Shedder Elaine something to smile about

No Sheds but we can be crafty

A quartet of Shedders have had a couple of Thursday mornings engaged in cooking. Very filling, including for BrianB’s freezer!

Today there were only two available with a third able to drop in for 20 minutes so we decided to switch to crafting of our choice. Marie picked up her C&G course work and was pleased that she had got started. Graham started constructing the Sydney Opera House – a thin ply kit he had bought in Sydney about 6 years ago. The instructions were so small that Graham used a magnifying  glass (a sign of his age).

Marie and Graham (interrupted by Rob) whiled away almost two hours and it was fun. Honest!

Next Thursday morning we have a guest visiting on Zoom. She is Rachel Meadows, the new Shed Development Manager of UK Men’s Shed Association. She replaces our friend Kate Gordon who was at the opening of Staithes Shed ahead of taking up the post 4 years ago. We are going to start by making some Scottish Oatcakes (if we want) and then spending time talking with Rachel.  No need top dress up!

Hardly typical Shedding but who cares!!

Thumbs up for the morning. Marie and Graham are Southerners so they spoke fluent Cockney.









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