Covid impact

Graham has family in Victoria, AU. Not in Melbourne which is a relative hot spot.

Bin Lady is amusing as a piece of fun but less so for those involved for real. Graham loves the mention of Bunning (they took over rather unsuccessfully UK Homebase). In Australia they are regarded with great affection as a “family” store and Aussie Sheds often run barbies for customers and pocket the profits for the Sheds!)


A funny thing happened on a coach trip

Graham suddenly received an email from a man called Bob in Scarborough. He wanted to donate to the Shed a wonderful piece of victorian furniture which doubles as a game table and (probably) an embroidery table. It needs some tlc and fixing (bit like most Shedders really). 

Graham had visions of TV’s Repair Shed. WOW. Completely out of the blue.  

To add to the day, a call came from a man looking to join the Whitby Shed. 

Now, what is the third piece of good luck. Graham’s wife Joan was sitting next to him. No comments please!

Living Well sparks a possible min win or even a win win win

As I think you know, Whitby District Sheds has never settled for staying in its comfort zone. We do try to be as inclusive as possible but we have to look after the interests of each Shed overall. Thus, and it is early days indeed, the question of a Shed for those who are on the road of continuous recovery from substance abuse of one kind or another. It cannot be run by ordinary Shedders and there may be (all very tentatively) a project that involves professional oversight and support.

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips lost Nick, one of her identical twin sons, to heroin addiction in 2004. Having struggled to find support for her own family during this harrowing time, Elizabeth founded DrugFAM in 2006 with the sole aim of ensuring that no family, friends or carers are left living in isolation, fear and ignorance of any local & national support. 

Coincidentally, today, Graham noticed “somehow” amongst the miscellanea you get on a phone also “somehow” the name of of an organisation called DrugFam. It rang bells from approaching 15 years ago and the launch of DrugFam centred in High Wycombe where he lived. The founder was a mother of twin boys. A very “respectable” family and well respected but drugs took an ultimate toll. One son lost to heroin. How could it happen?

The answer, as families will know, is that it happens insidiously until it starts to run out of control. The account is in a book entitled “Mum, can you lend me twenty quid?”. Graham has a copy and its available for the borrowing for any family.

Addicts need support, but so too do families. Although in the South, DrugFam might be worth looking up. I notice they have the Queens Award for their work which is, like any counselling, extremely compassionate but the doing can involve  tough love and tough choices.

Click on logo to go to the website

Nice to have news from Staithes Malcolm still avoiding the Shed because of concern for an elderly relative whilst Covid is around

Malcolm likes to be stuck up .. .

Hi All,
Mr Glue n Screw here. Knowing my passion for glue, I thought you may be interested in the following 3 minute video.
Milwaukee M18FHIWF12-0 Gen2 18V 1/2" 1898Nm Impact Wrench (Body Only)My wood project continues, all be it a bit slowly. Feeling my way, refining the design as I go along. I decided to treat myself to a Table Saw, so pushed the boat out for an M18 Milwaukee which hopefully will open other doors. Kumiko Wood Setting being of interest.
Hope all is well with you  and yours. Stay safe.




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