Coronavirus AND THE BIG WHEEL of BayThorpe Shed

Coronavirus Update for Our Sheds

Thankfully, the map published last night on BBC web-site showing areas affected shaded pink (not showing numbers) had our region grey. Not here. YET.

No room for complacency and we are listening carefully to our radios morning, noon and night. Things are changing on the world scale, countries scale and regionally very quickly. 

It looks that today it will be announced that we are in the “delay” phase whereby it is acknowledged that containment cannot hold back the tide and the spread needs to be delayed and stretched over time so that services can better cope.

We are contacting our landlords for the Sheds to get permission to hold more Shed sessions with fewer Shedders at each. Focussing on the Shedders most impacted by isolation. Already Scarborough Scouts have responded very positively.

Also, please keep up handwashing when you come together and try to work closely at a distance. 

Elaine has implemented a strong procedure (based in part on the Scouts measures for their operations.

We have been in contact with care homes and similar from which some of our Shedders come. 

Any queries speak to your Shed leader or give Graham a call on 07763 656627

Open Letter to Whitby Gazette

It’s Saturday today, 14th March. We heard back from landlords and whilst all were happy for us to adjust in any way we felt might help Shedders, keeping them safer, there was a distinct possibility that  premises (some used by children) would close along with other activities.

We are planning to make sure Shedders have phone numbers, email addresses and any Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp video addresses for them to hear familiar voices and see familiar faces.

If we have to close Sheds, then maybe some of our not-so-at-risk Shedders might want to help initiatives that arise aimed at helping in the community, with others, to make isolation due to Covid-19 a little more tolerable in our communities. This is happening in other places. Nothing yet, but preparing ourselves.

To that effect, Roger has written to Whitby Gazette to express willingness to do what we can.

Sent: 14 March 2020 12:52
Subject: Idle hands
Dear Sir,
At Whitby Area Sheds we understand that an ounce of help is worth a pound of pity. It seems probable that our Sheds will need to close over the next few weeks if Covid-19 takes the course that seems expected.
We therefore offer our services to any organisation looking for help in coping with the challenges of the ongoing Covid-19 situation in any way we can. To discuss any possibilities please contact us through our website or email
Roger Gould, Whitby Area Sheds
BayThorpe Shed’s Big Wheel

Well done Shedders – this marks a year of great progress at this inspirational Shed. Mind you, in different ways every Shed is inspirational. Jed’s Shed in Jedburgh was in a call in in on Radio 4 this morning.

Keep watching to see how the Shed adds a mannequin to the top of the feature.


About Brighton Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group (seen Saturday pm)

As coronavirus cases in the UK spiral and panic buying leaves many supermarket shelves empty, compassion and community spirit are flourishing.
In Brighton – once the epicentre of the outbreak in Britain – ordinary people are coming together to help the vulnerable and those who are self-isolating.
If a single mother cannot leave the house and is running low on food, or if an elderly person needs medication, they can contact the Brighton Covid-19 Mutual Aid group.
They will be connected with someone who can help with food shopping, picking up prescriptions, or even just taking a dog for a walk.
“It can be incredibly isolating to be in your house for weeks,” said Andrea Brock, who came up with the idea with friend Daniel Therkelsen.
“We are used to this idea that asking for help is a bad thing and that is not something we are encouraged to do.
“So we are setting up this group so people can ask for help and they can ask for support.
“The fact that this works shows that people want to help each other.”
Dr Brock, a lecturer at the University of Sussex, started the Facebook group on Friday afternoon, and in less than 24 hours it had more than 630 members and the initiative was well under way.
Speaking to the PA news agency, Dr Brock said: “We had a couple of cases already where people need something and other people have joined in.
I think it’s a good example that shows that we can’t rely on government in times of crisis, we need to look after each other and have solidarity with each other, particularly with those who are most vulnerable.
I think this is just one solution, one way of bringing people together of many. I would encourage everyone to get involved.”
Members of the group are printing posters and flyers to be distributed in their neighbourhoods encouraging those who need help to not be afraid to reach out.
Dr Brock, 33, who lives in Preston Circus, said the posters say things like “Hi I live here, if you are self-isolating, if you need help with anything I am really happy to support you”.
She added: “We are not doctors, we can’t treat people with coronavirus, obviously.
“But there is a lot of things we can do as people who live here and people who are connected to others in this community and in times like this we need more solidarity and mutual aid to help each other out.”
The Facebook group is at

Finally, an Aussie take on panic toilet roll buying that also spread to UK. Why? Can anyone explain?


To round everything off, here is the March edition of UK Men’s Shed Association newsletter “Shoulder to Shoulder”. The way men work and often relate.


Shoulder to Shoulder 59 – March 2020

Greetings! Our March edition of ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ has arrived! 
Enjoy inspiring news from Sheds across the country, find out about opportunities for your Shed and listen to influencers in our movement.

If your Shed has some interesting news, email 

Click here to read the full March edition of Shoulder to Shoulder

Happy Shedding!
The UKMSA Team

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