Cookery Shed

If we cannot have Sheds open, let’s do somethings at home that we can share in over Zoom. 

That was the outcome of today’s Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table attended by the (a?) Magnificent Seven. The idea of cookery had been raised in the Sheds and elsewhere. Lockdown is a time to learn new skills or polish some. Doing it together on Zoom adds to the fun and banter. 

Some men do not cook. Graham and Rob would own up to that but others who live on their own need encouragement! Age is no barrier – young, old (us) or in-between. The idea of cookery for Young Mums has been suggested from another quarter and youngsters at the Sleights Youth Shed enjoyed cooking from time to time too.

Brian Bayliss and Philip Barlow had been a part of the chat and Colin was resting our eyes without his camera:-)

So, we are to cook up very shortly a Cookery Shed – possibly on a Thursday morning at 10.30am. The aim will be to serve up some of what we prepare for lunch.  Maybe freezing some for another day.

If you’d like to join in, let Rob or Graham know. It will be live and without the aid of a safety net. 

Hmmm. How old are you? Old enough?

I fear the caption is true. I do remember doing this as a youngster. At one of my grandparents. It may have been just before I was thrust up the chimney! (Only joking. Do not try that at home). I also remember an aunt who liked to stand with her back to a fire and hitch up the back of her dress to let the heat reach her nether regions. This was before the days of mini skirts, of course:-)

Men’s Pie Club

Whilst sorting through a pile of disordered papers connected to Sheds today, Graham came across this leaflet he collected at the UK ShedFest 18 months ago.  

“The weekly meet-ups include cooking, eating, sharing and selling pies. BUT most of all it’s about getting together to chat, have a laugh, meet new people and learn a few things at the same time.”

It is something to get our teeth into and chew on. It’s a Cookery Shed just like we are planning for this lockdown.

News from Rob Shilson

Artist’s impression of Rob

In the previous blog post it was reported that Rob’s Teddy Bear was looking after a mystery package. Finally it was revealed that the package contained mini-weights for exercising the muscles (Rob’s not Teddy’s).

Here is a review from Rob.

“Blast those weights!
I twisted my arm today and am tiring of the Popeye jokes.
Back to 3kg per arm now but not giving up.
Thinking of making the Cock A Leekie soup…well, that was until I read about the Men’s Pie Clubs! “

Here’s something rare

Graham has completed the bowl he started, only the fourth he’s ever done:-) The wood is so called Zebrawood, of African origin. 

It is a small bowl about 100mm (4″) rim diameter. 

Turning wood creates dust – dust clouds

Here is guidance received this morning from Sleights Surgery on managing asthma. For turning and sanding wear a mask.

Leaflet for patients with Asthma

Pannett Gallery’s Big Top

SAMS Shed has had a commission from Whitby’s Pannett Gallery. “Please could you make a big top.”  That sent us into a spin before Christmas just thinking about it.  We have had two plywood circles that we kept for a long time in case they would come in useful. Now they have!

The tops are for a game. There will be 6 segments with parts of different Gallery pictures pasted onto the upper surface of a top. Spin the top and see which segment it ultimately stops on and then find the corresponding full picture in the Gallery. 

Lockdown is proving to be productive for some.

Unfortunately the Gallery is closed, of course, but we look forward to the day when we can go there and do the twist.

Cock-a-Leekie Soup Recipe by Marie

Here is the recipe that some of the Shed men are to attempt on Zoom on Thursday 20th January at 10.30. Marie is to encourage us on and Betty may be the cheerleader with pom-poms!

Note that the boneless chicken is thighs (not whole chickens). Headless chickens provided by those doing it!

This is is for four generous portions. Pro-rata ingredients for lesser quantity. 


ADDENDUM from Marie

Hi Everyone

It occured to me after our zoom meeting today that you may wish to leave the pearly barley out of the soup if you are cooking it in a saucepan. Pearl barley takes a couple of hours to cook properly which means the other ingredients will be overcooked.

It will be better to use a couple of potatoes or a handful of long grain rice for bulk in stead although neither are in the original recipe. You can also leave out the flat leaf parsley – i forgot to put it in on Sunday and the soup is just as good without!! 


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