Contributions from some Shedders

It is important to keep our hands doing (if we can) but also our minds.


Here is a contribution from Staithes Shedder Malcolm who is not back at the Shed because of family vulnerabilities. He can still participate by forwarding tit-bits!

“A bit of light relief from Virus and Brexit.”

Dogged enthusiasm.

Now for Whitby’s Rob Shilson’s advice line. A voice of experience

Beat Winter Blues with Good’s and New’s
I doubt that anyone will need reminding that the clocks go back this weekend. An event  often filled with anxiety, angst and trepidation.
Well, in order to counter the winter blues why not adopt this simple daily uplifting exercise.
Good’s and New’s
Each morning on awakening spend a few minutes focusing on something in your life that is good or new. It can be anything at all but keep it positive! You can also add a ‘what I am looking forward to’ as a bonus.
Repeat the strategy during the day when needed, it will keep you positive and you will feel better for it. It also acts as a great icebreaker for meetings and get togethers.
As an example here are mine for Tuesday.
Graham  invited me to attend a short Mental Health Awareness course on Monday at Staithes Shed. [On Zoom]. This was my first visit to Staithes and I was immediately made very welcome by those in attendance. Maggie showed me her newly constructed Autumn wreath and Martyn and I were soon absorbed in discussing vintage electronics.
The course itself was excellent, exploring important issues and formed an informative and enjoyable introduction into the subject.
The 1/36 scale radio controlled model tug boat is now fully restored, ‘bath tested’ and ready to go. Hopefully it will be launched next Spring in West Cliff paddling pool.
(Note to self – start a Whitby model boat club!)
I do hope that you will try the above.

Zoomed out at Staithes this morning

Charlotte & Colin

Arrived early for a Zoom conversation with others on Sheds in North Yorkshire with Kate Gordon. That led almost immediately to a Zoom chat with Charlotte Gal from People’s Health Trust who provided the original funding for Staithes Shed.

We had 7 Shedders today in the flesh but on the Zoom call we had Shedder Colin who is now in Larpool Home for the Elderly. Colin is such a determined overcomer of circumstances and it was a delight to have him with Charlotte on screen,



There are some assembly kits being developed by the Sheds for children to make after Christmas. Everything provided except a hammer.  Teddy Chair kits, bird box kits, beach hut kits, boats at sea kits and soon possibly a game to make (see the video below suggested by Rob Shilson).

Some of them can be painted, but that will be up to the kids and their paint box colours or coloured pens. They might need a hand from mum, dad or grandparents to help with assembly and applying some glue, double sided tape or tacks. 

We thought we’d add some labels and the cheapest way we found was return labels on Vistaprint. 

More Zooming in the evening

Graham had an invitation a few days ago to Zoom attend a focus group on men’s mental health. He’s honest enough to say that it was not so clear what it really was about and it was 90 minutes. He is effectively self-isolating from his wife in the kitchen on Zoom. 

So that is how he approached the meeting with people he did not think he knew at all. He received from Karen Atkinson of NYCC the same information personally with what seemed to be a slight plea to attend. Graham sent back to Karen saying he had declined the meeting because for “work” reasons and personal reasons he was to spend 9 hours in the week Zooming. 

Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care PartnershipNevertheless, after the two Zoom sessions reported above and a time of respite sending emails (!) he decided he’d join the forum with the idea of leaving early. He often has that feeling but rarely actually does so. He did not do so this time.

He’s glad he didn’t. There was one person out of 22 he recognised by face but (to be honest) did not know the name of.  She had organised it! However, it was an inspiring time because they had succeeded in getting men engaged in it who had experience of men’s poor mental health as a sufferer or worker and probably both (depression and low self esteem etc are only understood from close experience).

It’s not the place to report on the event as such but the outcome was that in one way or another men coming together to share their experience is indeed what has to be facilitated. There was a very interesting online MH engagement space presented from an organisation called QWELL. Expect to see a link on our web-site to view soon. 

Several men mentioned the benefits of Sheds and you can rest assured Graham was one plus mentioning the excellent book “Big Boys Don’t Cry?’  with 100+ personal accounts by men.

Event organised by

Part of Graham’s mental hang up over the event is that the Coast and Vale bit is associated 100% with Coast and Vale Community Action. He’s brainwashed!

If the cap fits wear it . . .

This is intended for kids . . . .

. . . . but we are only old kids.


We can still learn.

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