Join your Shed, visit a Shed, introduce a friend.

Dear Shed Members of Whitby District Sheds,

Sheds are about being at your Shed with your Shedding mates! However, there are occasions when it is best or only possible (e.g. Covid-19 lockdown) to meet virtually and from the comfort of your own home or even on vacation!

We have provided ShedComms to make meeting face to face virtually as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. 

Below are links to click to take you to an individual Shed or to Whitby Big Hall for  a gathering of our Sheds. All from wherever you happen to be.

Be aware that the virtual Sheds will only be open during regular Shed sessions from 10.30am – noon. This is to allow the Shedders to be organised before you virtually drop in. 

You should be able to see your mates in the Shed and chat with them (NOT YET OPERATIONAL!!) as well as seeing the Shed Chief or a Deputy through a PC or tablet.


Attend a Shed

On days when open and then between 10.30 and noon

Sleights Area Men’s Shed     Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Whitby Town Sheds               Tuesday & Wednesday mornings

Staithes Area Sheds               Monday & Thursday mornings

BayThorpe Shed                     Tuesday & Thursday mornings


For a Gathering of Our Clans 

Whitby Sheds Big Halls       but only when arranged


To Meet with Others External to Sheds  

Whitby Sheds Meeting Room      but only when arranged


There are can be particular interest groups and these will be called by the relevant leader or another group member and will meet in a virtual Shed (as above) though not at normal Open Shed times.

Any meeting called will have a start time set and the place. You can log in ahead of time and be in a waiting room as you make a cuppa at home) and the meeting host will open the meeting when he/she “arrives”. In other words, they wake up:-)

There is no need to download and install the Zoom software but if you do, you can use it to contact friends and family up to 100 in number simultaneously. But don’t even think about that!

Free of charge Zoom has a limitation of 40 minutes meeting time.  We can get close to that, agree a comfort break and rejoin in (say) 5 minutes. However it is likely we will take a subscription for the main Sheds above so that any meeting they host can be up to 24 hours!


To be frank, it is in part for your wellbeing on several fronts. During Covid it would have been good to have had this working already for all of us to more easily stay in touch as Sheds. There are many resources on the web (videos for instance) that we could watch together and then discuss. It will make regional meetings with other Sheds and Shed Events easier to attend. It is happening now because it has been forced on organisers but many are now preferring it. You don’t need a big building and catering.

It is also about education. You have probably already thought out that videoconferencing will be a way that many services will interact with customers as an option. Yes, even the GP with relevant safeguards. 

It is easy too. Even those who are extremely reticent are usually won over – irrespective of age! The need during lockdown to “see” relatives and friends has provided the necessary “need” that has overcome initial resistance.



The Hallelujah Chorus of singers worldwide:-)    31/5/2020









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