Christmas is coming

Many a true word is depicted in a cartoon! 

How did the turkey escape virtuality?

The (multifunctional) Cafe Cart that will be liveried for Whitby Communities Compassion Project is nearing the final stages of fabrication.

The ply skins then need to be sealed with PVA (thinner than the adhesive) and painted with Cuprinol. Roofing and fitting out the inside will then be possible. All done foe the end of January we hope.

The end is hinged and will lock into the front and back panels. Maybe we should approach IKEA?

There’s plenty of storage in the depth of the trailer.

Fold in one side and then the other. Flap over the end to make a “collapsable” Cafe Cart.

All good fun in Tier 2 conditions.


This is a reminder of what it is about


Two rear corner steadies added to prevent trailer tipping backwards.

First coat of Cuprinol on cart back panel.

Whitby District Sheds sends Christmas Greeting

Click on the picture, Shedders and Shed Friends   



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