Do you recognise this?

Is it part of Sleights’ defense system, connected into Fylingdales pyramids? That has been denied by higher authorities including Sleights Parish Council. Their cover story is that this is a sundial – what, in North Yorkshire! It is an asset, apparently, which they have custody of, including maybe other assets…

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Staithes Update

All continues on track, and hoping to hear good news on the finance front shortly. We have the venue, which will be at Staithes Sports and Social Club, in an excellent building for shed purposes. We await the outcome of the application to The People’s Health Trust which is due…

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Peep into SAMS

Less than 3 months after SAMS started in early 2016, Yorkshire Coast Homes (now incorporated with Beyond Housing) donated Kevin Allen to produce a video to explain what SAMS was really about. It still holds true and for both sexes. 

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