Catching up on Whitby Sheds

On the go . . . .

John Turford drops in to find us, so does Bryn

Tea corner.









John and Tony engage

Michael with Marina build a bookshelf for Michael









Whitby Shed is to build a storage wall that will not only tuck away some of the materials presently sitting on a workbench but also for other activities that we hope will take place from the autumn. We are also making a mobile refreshment unit for the future Doing Place aimed at hosting a mix of small group activities.

How do you shape up?

Our Aussie friend and Shedder Len Thomson sent Graham a T-shirt. A special edition produced for the Australian Men’s Shed Association annual meeting. 

Here is the design.

What kind of Shedder are you?

Now, Graham is short, fat and on the balding side of hairy! What does he look like wearing the T shirt?

Is he one of Ken Dodd’s Diddy Men?

Joan thinks it is a size 16 dress.  It is on Graham! It keeps his shirt clean:-)

And a Shed Song from Australia, the words of which were the inspiration for the T-shirt cartoon

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