Catch-Up on the Sheds

Whitby Town Shed received a visit from a hoard of folk dancers last week and Staithes Shed had a hoard of bikers who had spent the weekend.

Both were unexpected (not on our radar) but it all makes for a fun time. The bikers came from all over the country. Graham got into conversation with a lady biker and discovered that she worked for a company helping members of the armed forces prepare for civilian life. It is not an easy adjustment for many and we have had some Shedders from that background. Graham went into overdrive selling the benefits of the Shed and providing contact details for UKMSA.

The lady and her husband were from Melton Mowbray (upper crust?)

The badges commemorate the many meets they have been at.












Graham was fascinated by the space helmets that entertainment systems as well a safety equipment!

Whitby Shed had a visit from a dragon and from Elaine Marsh too. 

My, what big teeth you’ve got:-)

This is the long and the long of it.

Lawrence appending with a glue gun!

Now we move to the two music geeks some colourful lights.

Aiden & Bryn – the geeks in person. You can join them.

The Cafe Cart nears completion. Thanks to Tony (not in the picture)

Matthew at the bandsaw. A great learner.

He was cutting out a small planter and then assembled it. He’s a very appreciative guy.

Racks from Norton to hold storage for The Doing Place


























































Now for the noise . . . . . 

In BayThorpe Shed . . . .


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Ed Horwood is a name to conjure with. 

Early Shedders in Littlebeck will remember him about 5 years ago bringiing a young man to make a bird box. He came later to Whitby Shed one Saturday morning. Ed works in the Youth Justice System and as a result he started a trial project to engage youngsters he was working with in some hands on work with tools. A great ice-breaker when trying to engage (see the same thing in Sheds too).

We’ve kept track of Ed from time to time, and he us.  He will be sending us a news bundle with some photos too.

Staithes Shed looking to do some fencing and a greenhouse/polytunnel

Malcolm, as ever, has been getting square eyes researching the topic and has come up with an interesting way to use pallets. Take a look at the link:-








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