Branching Out

Three new ventures in the making possibly (actually concerned with making too!)


Shedder Bob has been doing a good sideline trade at the Sleights Shed making Teddy Bear chairs from sticks. He’s been selling them alongside his walking sticks in one or two of his outlets. He also makes “muffets” which are like little stools.

We think he’s finally flipped but he has also come up with the plan to make some self assembly kits for youngsters to assemble (pre-prepared) with some wood glue included. Add you own teddy or in Graham’s case his monkey.

Robin Hoods Bay are thinking the same with bird boxes (and similar) and at Staithes there is thinking to make some decorative seaside artefacts that can again be kits for kids to paint and glue. 

Whitby has been busy finishing off bird boxes for the Cinder Track. A lot had been done pre-Covid by BayThorpe Shed and Roger and now the remainder are getting there. Beginning to see the wood for the trees.

We are looking for ideas of other kits too – if you see an idea, pass it on to a Shed.


Youth Sheds

Sleights Youth Shed – Kidz Making Good

This was the workshop with Eskdale School that kicked off the idea of there being a Sleights Youth Shed

You will recall that a Youth Shed/ Youth group was started in Sleights at the Scout Hut with involvement of the Sleights Shed and some helpful parents. We learnt a lot from doing that despite then closure by Covid measures. The one thing you cannot do with younger active kids is to keep them apart. A club is a contact sport!!!  

We hope in due course it will return. There was a lot of inventiveness with games by the youngsters with was really great. No real desire to be on electronic devices at all.

We are now considering Youth Sheds in a Shed-like manner. For 11 – 14 year olds and using the adult Sheds in holidays but in evenings. Styled like an adult Shed with the aim of teaching craft skills and maybe giving interest for a lifetime! No guarantees, of course.

Hopefully looking at this with one or two other organisations and, of course in communities where Sheds are.


And for anyone

We have some ace (well, not bad) stick and handle makers at Sleights Shed. 

We are thinking of launching some two day workshops (not consecutive) for people to craft a stick and likewise a handle. 

You can walk off with something you have made!

We may well have a day course on woodturning for those who’ve always wanted to turn their hand to it. First aid provided.



All subject to whatever rules there may be but with wood turning you wear a mask anyway, and goggles!


We had this exchange with Kate Gordon, Development Manager for UKMSA. A good friend to our Sheds and to many.

Kate was at the first day of opening the Staithes Shed. The first Shed she saw (selling sea shells . . . !)

Kate visited SAMS next to see our first Shed in Littlebeck. All before she formally started work with UKMSA

Sounds a bit like an obituary but its not! Though there is some sadness in it as Kate branches out. Kate has been of stalwart help and encouragement at points in our Sheds’ journeys. Importantly, she has been a great sounding block for ideas. 

Sent: 13 October 2020 16:37
To: ‘Graham S’
Subject: RE: Yorkshire Shed Ambassador Catch up – Thurs 22nd Oct @ 9:30am

Thanks for your message 🙂

I really have never enjoyed a role so much – the Shed movement is remarkable because of the remarkable individuals that are creating and sustaining Sheds – it’s been a privilege to work with you and WILL ABSOLUTELY continue to promote Sheds wherever I go – and try and find opportunities for Sheds as I go – perhaps the Canal and River Trust would be up for opening their doors to low cost premises across the country! It will be one of the first things I ask when I join! J

And now having so many Shed friends across the country (yourself included) I will be sure to make contact if I am heading up that way for work or for personal trips.

I will be sending my personal contact details to everyone before I leave. And feel free to drop me a line if you’re ever near Manchester way!!

We will indeed keep in touch! You were the catalyst to this fabulous Shed adventure – which has put in me in VERY good sted for my next step in developing projects which get people connected with each other and the natural world.

Look forward to catching up next week,


From: Graham S []
Sent: 12 October 2020 17:46
To: Subject: RE: Yorkshire Shed Ambassador Catch up – Thurs 22nd Oct @ 9:30am

Well Kate, I’m sure you will fall into the work quite easily. I’m busy finding the canal network in Yorkshire so we can meet up at some junction or other.

Thanks for your support both of the Whitby Sheds and personally.  Remember that the first Shed you saw for real was Staithes on day 1. We all survived.

We will keep in touch.


Sent: 12 October 2020 17:16
Subject: RE: Yorkshire Shed Ambassador Catch up – Thurs 22nd Oct @ 9:30am

Afternoon all,

Looking forward to catching up next week. In addition to the agenda below – I have some personal news which I need to share with you all –  I’ve been offered a new role opportunity at the Canal & River Trust….after much deliberation (it was not an easy decision to say the least) – I came to the conclusion that it’s good career move for me so have now accepted.

[edited out text]

See you all next week,


SAMS Shed in Sleights at night!

Maggie’s garland of autumn leaves . 

She also spread stones

Did Maggie tell Martyn to shove off?

Just needs a rake and edges cut

Staithes. Internal door fitted. Had to plane the floor!

The plane was followed by band sander

Sleights. Made from Redcar pier oak

Commission from York for Malcolm

He’s a stick man but not by shape!

Whitby on boxing day

Sanding parts and watching

Tenon cutter for teddy chair sticks

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