Blockbuster Sheds

Janine Pemberton (of Whitby Eskmouth Scouts and Kidz Making Good) forwarded a blockbuster trailer very appropriate to Sheds. 

You don’t buy a life, you build it!

What blockbusters there will be at our Sheds in the coming week awaits to be seen.


Well, here is a blockbuster project that’s been in mind for a while. A mobile cafe. Well, of sorts.

Many Shedder sleeps ago Dave Mawdesley led the making of a Candy Cart. It half filled the chapel at Littlebeck when put together. If you remember the days of the Royal Tournaments at Earls Court which were televised, you will recall one of the regular highlights which was the competitive disassembly by Royal Marines of a gun and carriage, hauling it over walls and imaginary rivers and reassembling on the other side. Each gun crew fired the gun when assembly was completed,

Dave must have watched those to get the idea of the Candy Cart. Eventually it was donated to SWR MIND because they wanted one. Graham’s garage didn’t!

Fast forward to the present and there is effort from some Shedders (their brains at least) in a project for Whitby district on another thing Sheds specialise in – compassion. The last statement is not a joke and it is what has kept the Sheds going together with teas, coffees and banter (what about Wagon Wheels? Much smaller these days).

There’s quite possibly a use for a pop-up mobile cafe to take to outlandish places where we hope electricity reaches.  Roll up, roll out and put the kettle on. Coincidentally there are some lovely round outside tables that Pete is working to refurbish and these will be excellent for our purposes.

Yes, it is Last of the Summer Wine combined with Dad’s Army. In fact we have the trailer we plan to build on (50% larger than the small one we have) and there is a concept picture that will pale into insignificance once Lance (we hope) goes to town with his Sketchup modelling. 

Whose for a brew lads?

The past catches up with Whitby Sheds


One year ago a  blog was posted which included a visit from two people to the Whitby Shed by chance. We benefitted by receiving cakes from Bothams!!

See bottom of this year old blog


From: John Hurd
Sent: 28 September 2020 19:07
To: Graham S
Subject: Re: Whitby sheds visit .. September 18, 2019

Hi Graham

Good to hear back from you and know everyone is well and that your sheds have survived. Hopefully by this time next year we will all be back to some sort of normality as we knew it.  And of course our travels to family and friends.

I’ve already been on your website and als  taken a peek at your compassion website.  Will explore when I have more time but seems like a great initiative and wish this project great success.

Cheers for now.



On Sep 28, 2020, at 11:19 AM, Graham S <> wrote:

Good to hear from you. I remember your visit well (once you had provided some clues).

Cancelled my travel plans to Australia in March this year and no idea of when we will be able to visit the family there.

However, all are well. All the Shedders too.

All 4 of the Sheds were closed for 5 months from late March but we are operating on a reduced basis now.

There is another project for both of you to look at. It is called Whitby Community’s Compassion Project. About doing what we all should be doing!

Here is the Shed website and the one for the new project.

Thank you for remembering us. And we must take care as winter approaches us!

Kind regards,

Graham                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    From: ja.hurd ja.hurd
Sent: 28 September 2020 15:52
To: whitbyareasheds
Cc: Alex M
Subject: Fwd: Whitby sheds visit .. September 18, 2019

Hi to Graham, 

More specifically Graham, who we met this time last year at the shed on Spring Hill, behind the Bagdale Hall hotel in Whitby.

I do not have Graham’s last name or his specific email address, so hopefully this could be forwarded to Graham.

Graham, you may recall that Alex was the one who had brought some treats for your group and she received a chair from one of the participants.  I don’t recall the persons’ name.  Alex lives in Cheltenham and I am living in the Montreal region Canada.  Unfortunately with the Covid situation we have had to cancel our travel plans this year, but we both along with our families are all well.

Her and I were talking last week about the visit to your shed this time last year and we wanted to extend our greetings and well wishes.  We hope this email finds you and that your shed activities have been able to function during these difficult times and that everyone is keeping well.

Best regards

John and Alex

———- Original Message ———-
From: “ja.hurd ja.hurd” <>
To: whitbyareasheds <>
Date: September 29, 2019 at 1:19 PM
Subject: Whitby sheds visit .. September 18, 2019

Hello to Graham and all at the Whitby Shed

Having returned to Montreal, Canada I was just visiting your website and couldn’t believe that I saw Alex and myself featured on this week’s page.  It was certainly a pleasure for us to have had the opportunity to visit your Shed, to meet some of the people there and to see what great work you are doing.  Alex has found a place in her home for the chair your people gave her and hopefully Maev will have found lots of wool to keep her knitting through the winter months.

This visit was indeed the highlight of our trip to Whitby and congratulations to you and the folks at your Shed for all the great work you are doing.

John and Alex

Block Letter Shed Sign

Graham has a new toy to make signboards using a router and letter templates. He applied all his skills and a few mistakes in his first attempt.

At Staithes, Little Brian finished protecting the extension, Phil had a burning urge to do something, Maggie went on a Word Search and we all shared in shortening a door to fit inside the extension.

The history of the door is that it was rescued from a skip, with another, and kept in Graham’s garage because sometime it might come in useful.

It did. 


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