Big Boys Don’t Cry – a book of first hand stories about men’s mental health

Tonight (19/5/2020) there has been a Zoom book launch for “Big Boys Don’t Cry”. Some of the authors read their pieces out. A most powerful series of chats that may ring with you –  several did with me.

Take a look. Take your mental health seriously. You are not alone – you are among many. Talk. 

Below are a number of the personal accounts that are in the book. There’s many more. If you are feeling down do read these.

You can read all 60 of the powerful stories, including over 200 tips for staying mentally healthy, by buying the Big Boys Don’t Cry? e-book now at You’ll be able to download versions for Kindle and Kobo, as well as a full-colour PDF of the book. It costs just £10 and £1 from every book sold will be donated to mental health charities.

By using Discount Code SHED10 a Shedder can receive a 10% discount.

YOU CAN LISTEN (and watch) the event.

This is not promotional IMHO but can be considered as standalone. Very moving accounts

Here are 10 Top Tips for preserving mental health. You can magnify the pages using the +/- control on the bottom of the screen and move the page about to read every corner!


And a song “Back from the Brink”.


Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 1_Patrick's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 2_Tony's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 5_Don't Man Up, Open Up_Les Rolt
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 7_Black Dog by Mark
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 11_Justin's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 13_Jim's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 20_Twitch's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 27_Eamon's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 31_One Day by Neil Houltram
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 39_Jezz's Story
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 43_Marvin's Poem
Big-Boys-Don't_Cry-BOOK 58_Helen's Story

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