Bedding in nicely

Really pleased with the way the Sheds are re-establishing themselves as Welcome Breaks!

Planters don’t come much bigger than this metre square one being made in Staithes Shed for Maggie’s daughter Lisa. Should be finished and delivered this week after Thursday’s session. 

There’s a tongue and groove floor in it too.

Maggie in the role of a sunflower – our ray of sunshine.










Plenty going on in Whitby and the prospect of a second day restarting soon.

Betty did sterling work sorting out the craft cupboard.

This is our tame parrot, Ray. Muzzled though.

The lads had a new toy today, A planer/thicknesser (in orange)

There’s some circular knitting going on in the foreground with Marie in the counting house for a while.

Men at their work. One is making a ladder planter.

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