BayThorpe Shed, Push Cart Auction and Mental Health Awareness

Variety is the Spice of Life. 

First up, BayThorpe Shed. 

Needs a couple of pallet wood planters???

Outline approach and plans confirmed with District Scout Commissioner. We are pleased that there are some internal projects requested by the Scout “landlords” that will improve the facility for them (including remodelling the kitchen area and pull-out provision for separate leader sleeping). and a request that with the Shedders being on site regularly we act in a maintenance and oversight role as best we can. It’s called cooperation and fits the relationships Scouting has with community support.

The work so far has focused on the outside and clearing the side accesses. A lot of trips to the waste tip by Shed supporters. The Scouts neatly clad the front apex and they’d like a nice sign up top in due course which we can tackle.

Expect to see a couple of planters each side of the front step to brighten up the aspect there.  Electrics underway soon for improved heating, lighting and power point provision.

Best of all, we have some keen helpers who we hope will become Shedders (of both sexes) when we formally open probably in September. It is important to have the bulk of “making the Shed” completed (tinkering goes on for ever!) so we can have time to welcome and integrate new joiners.

Black Shadow Warrior

Feeling tired from work already!

Second up, co-working with Whitby Scouts on Kidz Making Good.

The Scouts have a fundraising Mulgrave Castle Garden event on Sunday afternoon 23rd June. One of the push carts made by youngsters with the help of Whitby Area Shedders will be auctioned for Scouts funds.

It is Black Shadow Warrior!

Another is to be offered to a children’s charity as a Pull Cart for two passengers).

Third up, Mental Health Awareness.

Under the funding arrangements, we are arranging mental health awareness (including suicide risk specifically) with our friends at MIND. It will be for all our Sheds, those in neighbouring areas and other organisations. Possibly a choice of two slots. Materials will go on this web-site also and be sent to UK Men’s Shed Association to be more widely available. 

If you know any Whitby group or individual who would benefit from MH awareness training, we’d be pleased to hear from you. Sophie Hall of SWR MIND is the course designer.

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