BayThorpe Shed Invites and Golden & Paradise Beach Shed

BayThorpe Shed approaches its formal opening on the first Thursday morning of September and a Saturday community day on 28th for all comers to meet and look around.



Here is a publicity notice courtesy of Bob McGovern who passed his ‘O’ level English some years ago! [Note that there is no on site parking.]

The ‘BayThorpe’ Shed is making excellent progress. We can be found at the rear of the Village Hall in the Scout Hut and we are now open every Thursday for both men and women to share their skills in making and repairing.
Our founder group has already transformed the space to resemble a multi-use workshop; cleared the weeds and garden area surrounding the Hut and undertaken a great deal of  general maintenance. We want the BayThorpe Shed to be place where people can meet and work together on individual or community inspired projects, enjoy each other’s company and give to others.
We’ve very much enjoyed getting things ready and we will be holding a community Open Day on Saturday, 28 September between 10am and 1:00pm. We hope that you will be able to call in, look around, talk to us about what we are hoping to do and consider joining us on the next stage of our journey.
If you would like to read more about Sheds, the what and the why, you can find us on the internet: or you can contact

Shedder Graham’s English son and family are with the Aussie son and family in Sale, Victoria. In fact both sons were born in High Wycombe and both retain strong Southern accents despite living in the North East and Oz!

After church today (9 hours ahead of us time wise) they visited very rural  ’90 Mile Beach’ and the fish and chip shop there (different fish to us).

In the vicinity they came across Golden and Paradise Beach Shed (below). No shortage of parking there and typically large premises!




Shedders like humour and here is something to watch from some years ago but it seems to have some relevance today. 

Thanks to Graham’s brother for pointing this out! Runs for 7 minutes and do watch to the punch line 🙂

Admiral interview featuring John Bird and John Fortune

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