BayThorpe moves on with Electrics

LED lighting panels go up and next the radiant heaters. 

Shedderess Elaine reports on last Thursday’s Shed, warts and all.

Progress on Thurs, Les the coach builder came and helped Simon put the strengthener on the door,another to be put at the back. 2 visitors from Nottingham, saw the flag and came to investigate. They knew about Sheds and were delighted to be offered refreshments.

Keith , Joe’s forestry friend came and was impressed with progress.

Dick brought , some pieces of wood for the lathe.

Failing light cut short work on the lights on Friday,  but Lance talked Olly and Stuart through how to wire the ring circuit and left a sample for them to follow.

I made the cover for the vice, found it didn’t go down far enough so Simon used a saw (no scissors!!!) to cut it out at the back.

Visitors saw our banner and came for a cuppa!

The one and only carpeted vise

The protective door strip. Neat job!

Les tackles the adjustment of the lock.

Ladder, no hands! Finger pointing from Dick

LED lights mounted for connection.  


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