BayThorpe At Large

Well, the Shed is in stage 2, a teenager! It is delightful to see how BayThorpe Shed is on the journey of creating its initial identity. It is an identity that will slowly change (as in all the other Whitby District Sheds) as Shedders themselves discover in some way new identities.

In Sheds, every day is different. It is pleasing that people dropped in last Thursday to the Shed because Saturday (the Community Open Day) was not a possibility for them to attend. By coming in and talking, people discover not the veneer of Sheds but what they are about, and it is as complex and varied as the people who come. The main rule is Safety First but the social rule is respect. Genuine respect that happens because of the banter and jibes, not despite it.  Genuine respect is inclusive of all types and conditions of Shedders (even some with dementia) and is not a part of the veneer but goes deep. It is what binds.

This is Kate. Striking the feisty pose in our new Women’at Sheds poster. 

Some nice little artefacts made including Rudolph.

Two models made by our Olly. Birdhouses. Taken from a book of ideas and plans we have.

This was an accidental photo we think, but it does emphasise the “hands-on” nature of Sheds.




One of our Shedders, Joe,had his first few “turns” on the lathe. Sadly no photo but the look of joy on his face was something to behold and remember. We have been pleased to learn that one of our “missing” Shedders is not missing but working in Norway. How’s that for a good experience. Yes, when Shedders are not with us, we do notice.

Saturday’s Open Day (or morning!) was a time for some more new links to be made at various – at the community level and at the level of prospective Shedders.

Sorry no photos, but the dead mobile is to blame. 

Meanwhile, at the Whitby Ranch (err Shed) we received an email from a visitor we met a few days ago from Canada staying at Bagdale Hall. 

From: ja.hurd
Sent: 29 September 2019 18:19
To: whitbyareasheds
Subject: Whitby sheds visit .. September 18, 2019

Hello to Graham and all at the Whitby Shed

Having returned to Montreal, Canada I was just visiting your website and couldn’t believe that I saw Alex and myself featured on this week’s page. 

It was certainly a pleasure for us to have had the opportunity to visit your Shed, to meet some of the people there and to see what great work you are doing. 

Alex has found a place in her home for the chair your people gave her and hopefully Maev will have found lots of wool to keep her knitting through the winter months.

This visit was indeed the highlight of our trip to Whitby and congratulations to you and the folks at your Shed for all the great work you are doing.

John and Alex

If the Women’s Shed was the highlight of the visit to Whitby, maybe we should feature in the tourism guide!!!

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