Barney Rubble Log Cars

We’ve had a busy week that has also included getting alongside youngsters from near (Kidz Making Good and the South Korean students reported in the preceding post.

Over the next 8 days we are at Robin Hoods Bay and at Sleights supporting community events. The Sheds will be at both with a stand but also will be making Log Cars with youngsters and parents.

Below is the prototype Graham  knocked up as a learning curve. Imagine a bit of paint involved too and you can see all the opportunities for a great success or a diving disaster!

Kids love doing and so do Shedders.

One wheel on my wagon Tyres look a bit shredded.

Saturday 1st noon – 4pm at Robin Hood’s Bay Methodist Church a Charity Garden Party by Fylingdales Churches Together .

Saturday 8th 11am – 3pm “Back to the Future” at various places but centred at Sleights Village Hall.

Here are some photos from Robin Hood’s Bay yesterday. Sadly it rained at half time but entertainment continued inside. There was one lad there with his grandparents and he took the Barney challenge including painting.. Hopefully his granddad will send a photo shortly.

Take a look at the visiting Dalek by local man Danny. Danny will pop in to the new BayThorpe Shed on Thursday when work begins on clearing the site around the Scout Hut.

Some very positive feedback about the new BayThorpe Shed and potential collaborations. We took an order for bird box kits for the Guides.

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