Banter with Zoom

The news on coronavirus is, to say the least, not good. 

There are two things that Shedders do at Sheds. They do (or don’t do) stuff and they banter. Take away either and it ain’t a Shed!

If the Sheds have to close or be restricted in some way, the “stuff” will either not be able to be done or will be done at home on our own.

We can, however, go some way to keep the banter going which helps keep isolation at bay. It’s good to talk. The telephone is one way for 1:1 conversation and facetime/Skype to see the face behind the voice.

Zoom LogoI gossiped about this need early today with my Aussie son (not going there now, sadly) and he told me about Zoom which his school is rapidly implementing ahead of possible enforced school closure. Teaching over the web.

Zoom allows a “host” (a teacher) to arrange a meeting (a maths lesson) with students (at home). The student gets an email ahead of the lesson with a link to connect with the class. The teacher initiates it.

Last week I was in a video meeting on the subject of coronavirus with 22 others. It was voice only  but I realise now that it was almost certainly Zoom. 

It is FREE for up to a 40 minute chat between more Shedders than we would want:-).

Rob Shilson in the Whitby Shed had suggested some “neighbourhood” software he had used in Northampton for community communication. We tried it but realised it was very limited geographically. This afternoon we managed to get Zoom working between the two of us very easily. We also succeeded in getting Bob Hodge on it though we had to update his browser. 

Roger is destined to be a victim as well as Elaine and Don Brayshaw is going to try his Apple laptop and his mobile phone later this evening.

Then we’ll try a 4 way video conference (with video banter)  tomorrow evening probably.

SHEDDERS, would you like to connect with us ready for the day that 70+ year olds are in seclusion?

Rob and I (and I hope others) are happy to talk you through connecting up. Then we can have some virtual Shedding. Just email or (that’s Rob).

Introduce a friend into our chats too, but only those with a sense of humour (PS. Don’t tell Eddie).

If this is successful (it will be) then it is a neat answer to wider community connection in small groups (clubs, church gatherings, exercise classes etc).  Graham is proposing it for some youth activities too. 

Staithes Shed through the Square Window

A glorious sunny morning to complete the walls to the woodstore/cutting lean-to. 

We are pleased because it is nearly upright! Next will be roof for which we have boards and mineral felt to cover. Thursday’s job, depending on the weather.

Some say this is to keep Tom in. He thinks it is to keep people out.

Brian ponders placing the next screw

Maggie is to look for some curtains!

It will be a shame to roof it on sunny days 🙂


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