Back to normality

What sort of things do you do at the Sheds? That was the telephone question from an “enquirer” today.

I took the call in Staithes Shed annex (the wooden shed being made safe and watertight for the Gardening club to move into). 

I’m standing here supporting a piece of ply being attached to a truss. 

Malcolm was putting in a couple of holding screws and I was released allowing him to push on faster without me!

Earlier, a wood burning stove was delivered to be refurbished for Shedder Martin. Funny what goes on. 

The cast iron body (not the man!) delivered from near Scarborough. Thank you Roger.

I’ve been under the weather which is why the frequency of posts has also gone down. But going into Littlebeck briefly on Tuesday, Whitby She Shed on Wednesday and Staithes today made me appreciate the important things – the Shedders and families. Perked me up. And I’m far from unique:-)

Nice to see the lads at Littlebeck and to share a “Bob-made” soup. Malcolm learnt stick making from Bob more than 3 years ago and does some lovely handles.

Now, I do like Jeff. Ex-fireman. Maybe I upset him but he seems to be signalling displeasure. He had a great conversation with Bob about footballers of the past. 

The wonderful model shed was retrieved from St. Mary’s up the 199 steps (we took a car up though). Betty “put it to bed” in  cling film for Mk 2 next year! It was a much remarked on contribution and many of our postcards were taken by visitors.

Katy engrossed removing stitches on some embroidery

Betty making the bed!

Look at Lance’s Christmas homework. He’d seen something like this on display at Shedfest 2019. Builder’s trowel with hole and some neat shingles roofing it. He’s making the parts for a new Scout Hall gate for us to assemble (IKEA instructions?)

Love it or list it? I ‘d .love it.

Finally, Sleights Youth Shed opens again tomorrow in the new school term.

Addendum about the new Scout Hall gate

Lance duly did the gate in a day! He is trusting Whitby Men’s Shed to assemble it next week. I joked about IKEA instructions. Without knowing what I’d written Lance did just that as you can see. 

Full kit and caboodle for the gate. Should be kid-easy for two or three Shedders to do!  We’ll see.

The tenons (that fit the mortises) are slotted so that wedges can be driven in to lock the joints tight.

Lance was persuaded to pose with the instructions. He’d only missed out having a tea break in the list.

Fully 3D CAD designed by Lance. He is the Shed equivalent of a Nana who knits Shreddies!!


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