Back into the Swim of Sheds

The joy of Sheds is distraction. It is one of the best medicines along with laughter (as per the Readers Digest!). Graham visited his family in Australia but left several Shed families behind and they were missed.

Here are some photos from this week but first take a look at Joan’s present for her birthday from grandson Henry. It is a knitting needle holder made by Henry at school using a 3D printer.

Imagine you are squeezing a tube of toothpaste with a small nozzle. The toothpaste slowly emerges as an extruded filament. If you move it about on a table you can draw a pattern or a picture.

That’s more or less what 3D printers do but using plastic filament that can trace prescribed paths that build up layer on layer. It does take some time!

Knitting needle holder

Now for something more conventional at the Sheds this week.

On Thursday Dennis and Geoff who normally go to Littlebeck were high-jacked to Staithes! Graham made a start with Martin on a set of railway signal lights to be solar powered. The signal to be donated to the Sleights Scout Hut Community Space project.

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