Dear Willy

Men do not talk about health issues publicly, nor to each other in a Shed. Somehow we do not have the language or the experience of communicating, to share our feelings. Well, I’m going to find the words to express what has been going on with me for a couple…

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Back to normality

What sort of things do you do at the Sheds? That was the telephone question from an “enquirer” today. I took the call in Staithes Shed annex (the wooden shed being made safe and watertight for the Gardening club to move into).  I’m standing here supporting a piece of ply…

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In 2020 now

Sorry for the silence on these pages. I could put it down to Sheds closed for two weeks. Partially true. The real reason is that I was struck down with Shedders’ Lurgy for a few days.  However, Happy New Year! It looks set to be a busy year and I’ll…

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