At the End of 2019 Some Random Pics

Talents and talented on show (plus a few others!) [Graham has learnt a new skill of Pop Ups!]

We won’t reveal his identity 

Shedder Malcolm at Littlebeck has spent 2 years on this model

Rainbow over Sandsend on Maggie & Graham’s  way to Staithes Shed

Maggie declined to volunteer to swim out to look for the treasure!

Alternative ceiling layouts for lining the Staithes wooden shed

Why we needed a plan!


Sleights Connecting Community Group visited the Library Bus. Paddy of NYCC picked up a book “A Shed of One’s Own”.

Malcolm the architect of the plan

BayThorpe lunch snacks

It’s a very smart Shed

BayThorpe Candle Trees

Behind Olly and whiteboard is the new sleeping pod for Scout Leaders

Side view towards sleeping pod.

Coffee table to chew cud around

Shedder Keith with his horse head sculpture. Wonderful

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